February 101 in 1001 Review

(Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here.)

-- I did it! I completed the 15 random acts of kindness (ROAK) that I said I would for February. That brings my grand total to 22! Only 79 more to go (deep sigh).

-- I bought a great pair of jeans (0pr@h recommended).

-- I bought the juicer (and I have been juicing like crazy ever since! It's the best $100 I have EVER spent!!).

-- I paid off both credit cards in my money & finance section.

February wasn't hard or anything but the ROAK was challenging. I had to decide what was simply being nice and what was a real random act. I had to do the last one twice. The tall girl asked for a stamp and I gave it to her and wouldn't let her pay for it. Since I wasn't sure if that qualified I decided to give the man ahead of me in line $1.87 which is what he needed for his grocery bill. That qualified, I'm sure.

March has some goals to complete as well.

1. I will leave 15 encouraging words in random places.

2. I will create a customized care package for a friend or loved one.

3. I will volunteer 5 hours.

4. Gather all birthdays in 1 place.

5. Make my alphabet movie list.

Stay tuned....


Cookies and Ice Skating

Two women in my department have been selling "girl guide" cookies. I bought too many boxes to mention. I've eaten almost half of them. Arrrg!

They shouldn't make them so good! They should make some of them nastier. I mean they have some caramelie ones that go great with morning coffee or tea. Then they have the minty ones that go great as a snack. And then, they have the coconut caramel chewy ones that go great when you are lying in bed watching the Olympics.

Mentioning the Olympics, have you been watching? Some of these winter sports are pretty weird. Sweeping the ice so a weight thing can slide down the ice? And then there are some of the downhill skiing things that look as if they are jostling every bone in their bodies. Some of the winter sports though, hook you in. Right now I am waiting for the 500 meter skate on some ice thing. Three weeks ago, I could not have cared less. Amazing.

So, I sit here with a box of caramel chewy things waiting for some ice rink thing. Then I'll turn off my light thing and go to sleep.

Perhaps I'll have one of those dream things.


My toes are suffocating!!

Is it sandal weather yet?

I'm ready. I don't like the cold -- I believe everyone knows that. The past few months have been waaaay more winter than I need. So, what did I do today during my down time?

Well, I'll tell you...

Ok, one of these shoes is not one that I've been dreaming of. No, I'm not going to tell you which one. You figure it out (wink, wink).


Have Stone? Make Some Soup.

This weekend the Princess and I made my super simple veggie soup but I didn't take a picture. That's really ok because I didn't use a recipe either.

Well, I didn't use a real recipe. Why not? I didn't have to. My soup recipes are the world's easiest. In the winter it's cold and I want something warm, fast. I have my go to faves - taco soup, twice baked potato soup, chili (ok, ok, it's really a stew) and vegetable soup.

Ever heard the story of "Stone Soup?" Well, my version of vegetable soup is amazingly like that (except without the stone - who the hell wants a dirty rock in their soup?).

Veggie Soup
A can of tomatoes (no salt added)
A can or bag of mixed veggies (no salt added)
12 - 16 oz of veggie broth (homemade is best - I always have broth in the freezer)
2 tablespoons (I guess - who measures?) vegan Worcestershire sauce
cumin, sage, parsley, pepper, slight hint of salt, hint of paprika

Warm it up (cause really, everything is already cooked) and go. But, the next day it's better.

Ma mere always made homemade soups in the winter. Once a cold spell hit, she would pull out the a big pot and start cutting vegetables and boiling chicken, skimming fat off the top, blah blah blah. I do it the easy way. No cutting, no chicken, no skimming fat.

Now, when I make my veggie broth, I do pull out the stock pot and do the chopping (carrots, parsnips, celery, potatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, etc.) and add spices galore. A vat veggie broth made at Thanksgiving will last me well into February.

Do I have some left? Yep. I have one lone container of veggie broth in the freezer. It's terrified that it won't get used. Never fear my container of veggie broth. Old man winter promises one or two more weekends of yukky weather.

And I promise one more batch of super simple veggie soup.


Know what you don't know.

I learned a new lesson this evening. Well, no. I didn't learn something new -- I gained understanding of something that I had been told many times before.

A good friend of mine use to always say to me, "Know what you don't know." That phrase seems very simple but most of us probably don't heed the warning. I certainly didn't.

I help people. It's a part of my DNA. Even when I don't particularly want to help, I do. I found out after weeks of trying to help someone, I had limited knowledge of what they needed. I thought that it would be easy to take the knowledge I did have and turn it into a helpful deed. Instead, I wasted precious time. I would have helped them more by simply saying, "I don't know." Then, they could have found out what they needed and finished what they started.

I think that we (I) have a fear of disappointing people by revealing that there are things that we don't know. The truth is, no one will be disappointed if we don't know everything. I initially felt like terrible for not saying that I didn't know for sure two weeks ago. I apologized profusely to my friend. She asked what I was apologizing for. I told her for wasting her time. She said instead of just her learning something new we both did. She said there were no apologies needed. She really is a good friend.


Dear So and So...

Dear lady in line at the pu.bl.ix checkout,

I don't want to hear how painful your bikini wax was. And I really don't care if your boyfriend doesn't appreciate it. Please remember that when you talk on the cell phone, I can't hear your stupid friend's side of the conversation, but I sure can hear your ignorant side.

AND, you already knew that you didn't want the three things that you put back. Now the nice bag boy has to go put the ice cream, soda and cheese back.

Dear man that asked me to help you pick out cheese,

That is the worse pick up line I've ever heard and I've heard some doozies. If you can't pick out cheese, I can't help you. Look at my basket. I have things in my basket that you can't spell, let alone pronounce. And your dumb behind thinks that your lack of cheddar cheese knowledge will help? Ummm, no. Anyone vying for the position of "Companion to Super Mommie" will know what cheese to get and what wine goes with it.

And next time, please make sure your breath isn't funky when you talk to people.

What is with the cheese theme today?

Dear young lady in the light blue leggings and see through top,

I don't think you are a lady of the evening. I mean you don't appear to be one as you sit at the bus stop reading the latest copy of "()h " magazine. The weather is nice but you need a jacket on, especially with that purple see through top. No, we won't even discuss the fact that you don't match. If you aren't a lady of the evening, stop dressing like it. If you are a lady of the evening, then you need to wear high heels. You won't make extra money with tennis shoes on.

Dear really cute guy in the car next to me,

Do you always come to this intersection on Sunday afternoons? I saw you look over and smile. I smiled back. And then, the light turned green and we had to part ways. Parting really was sweet sorrow. You could have been "Companion to Super Mommie" --- well, do you know what wine goes with brie?


Whoooo are you? do do do do.

I am about 2 months away from my birthday -- my 38th birthday. I only had 2 months to decide what this will be the year of.

You're asking, "The year of what?"

Well, "the year of...." it's the annual affirmation that I make. A few years ago it was, "Just say no." Three years ago it was, "I'm not gonna do it, if it doesn't make me feel good." The affirmation has to be "me" related. It has to be for the good of "me". This year my affirmation is less of an affirmation and more of a quest.

Who will I be?

I got married at a very young age -- I became a wife. Then I had a child at a kinda young age -- I became a mommie. I have of course, been a child, a sister, a niece, an aunt, a friend and on occasion -- a lover. Many of those things, I will always be. Some of those things, I have ceased being. And, in about 5 or so years, I will change the nature of some of those relationships, i.e. The Princess will go away to college and I will be home alone. At that point, who will I be?

As an adult I've pretty much always been a wife and a mother. Soon I will get to discover who SM is as a person separate from wife and mother. Oh, I know, I know. So many people will say you aren't supposed to loose yourself just because you are a wife or mother. Well, the simply fact is, I did. I threw myself into wife-dom and mommie-dom.

Oh, please don't think that I would change a thing! No, I'm not married any more and yes, I LOVE being mommie to the Princess. Of all the things that I will EVER be, my favorite title will always be mommie. But, I am soooo excited to start this next chapter in my life. The time of finding out who I am, what I like and what I want to do. There will be some moments of extreme selfishness, yes, there will. But there will also be some tender moments of pure giving.

I've made some serious plans for this year. I am more than a little excited about them. I'll take you on as much of the journey as I can but some of those things, well, some of them are personal and aren't meant to be shared with others. Some things might be embarrassing but somethings might be too revealing or too raw.

In any case all of them will be one step closer to who I am.

Who are you?


Lions and Tigers and Bears....and Zebras

It's comforting (NOT) to know that your friends take great joy in laughing at you. I just received not 1, not 2 but 5 phone calls/text messages warning me about the following...

Runaway Zebra Captured On Downtown Connector


Everyone that knows me, knows I have a weird fear of zebras. I can look at them from afar or in animated form but a real zebra up close (or even one on tv on the evening news) freaks me the"eff" out. And dear God, don't show the head up close. I will really scream.

Someone told me its cause by vertigo. I just say zebrazoophobia. I've looked it up on the internet and I don't see a definition for it (or a self help group).

So what would have happened had I been driving on the highway and I had seen the zebra? Well, my car would have had a funny smell for weeks and people in Texas would have heard my scream. I would have run over several cars to get the hell out of the way. God sent me home early today for a very good reason! He knows my fears and He comforts me -- and He thought that it would be funnier this way.

Thanks to all of my "friends" that called and sent me text messages to tell me about the zebra and then laugh at me.

Zebra, I'm glad that you are safe but I glad I didn't see you.

And no, there will not be any pictures posted!!


Why is it road rage? I'm not mad at the road!

I didn't think that I had road rage but I guess if you can't drive more than 4 minutes without cussing someone out, perhaps you do.

All this week I have tried to drive to work and back home without cussing, yelling or grunting at someone driving too slow. I have not made it. (sigh)

You know, if people that drive slow would stay in the right lane and only drive during non-rush hours, I wouldn't have to admit that I have a (tiny) touch of road rage. Seriously, I drove behind a car full of people that drove sooooo slooooow I had 2 birthdays while waiting. And then they stopped at every yellow light they thought they saw. We sat through a 1 minute yellow light at one point!

I'm going to change the name from road rage to people rage. I'm not upset with the road. I am upset with the people.

Oh, I know. Don't get angry over things you can't control. I get it. Just move out of my way and we'll both be happy.

Or you'll force me to take control and ram into you super slow car!


Super Mommie Needs A Break

No-- I'm not leaving! I'm sharing!

Sometimes supermommie needs a break. Sometimes things get crazy and you just need to have some funny in your life. So, where does SM go for funny?

This is why you're fat.

In case you've ever wondered why we are so fat. Most of this stuff will make you want to hurl but every now and then (mars bars cake, Doughnut Upside Down Cake, Burger King Funnel Cake Fries With Icing Dip) you just wanna find the recipe.

This is such a fall on your face laughing good time! Crackbook will never be the same.

People of Walmart
And you wonder who goes there at 2am. If this doesn't make you laugh it's cause one of the photos is of you.

If you don't run to this page every Sunday then well...maybe you have things to do. But in between those things to do, do this. The posts will make you gasp and check to see if your BFF sent in one of the cards!

ROTFLMAO! Aren't you glad you purchased your cake from a reliable bakery (that can spell?)

Funny or Die
Many of them are side splitting.

Stuff White People Like

I know. It doesn't sound "pc" but it's not bad. It appears to be true. I'm only guessing cause well...I'm not white. It's not super funny but it's very interesting.

Best of Bad Baby Names

This makes Super Mommie feel REALLY good about her own name (not that I ever felt bad Ma Mere)!


Happy Presidents Day (sales)!

I had a great President's Day. I spent it shelling out Washington's. I hit the stores about 10am and finished up about 4pm. Can you say fan-tabulous sales? I added to my 30 days of VA list and almost found a LBD - but, it was white and pink. That doesn't count. I almost acquired a new camera but the store didn't have the one I wanted, soooooo.. I'll wait.

I didn't even cook today because I was so tired from shopping. The Princess had a (kosher beef) hotdog and I had a boca burger with sweet potato chips. No, I didn't take a picture of the meal. I didn't know you'd care. But, because I'm accommodating, I added a picture of my new favorite chips. No salt added - so blood pressure friendly.

I must say I was a bit disappointed though. My fave valentines candy store (Tahr-jet) didn't have good sales. Only 30% off. I felt cheated. I went to Wall-blues and they had 50% off everything. It made up for Tahr-jet's lack.

What? Did I buy you somethin? Um...sure. Want a m-n-m fun pack?


Valentine Brownies and Salmon Dinner

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you got whatever it was you wanted! I had my little valentine with me and it made my valentines day perfect!

The Princess and I made valentines brownies and I made a salmon dinner. I think my valentine liked it! But, it's easy to please The Princess. She's so great.

I made the brownies from one of the m00.sew00d c00kb0.0ks. It really tastes more like a cupcake than a brownie (and the nugget of nutell@ in the middle helped!). I don't care what they are called - brownies or cupcakes. They were pretty good.

And, I made a wonderful salmon with a teriyaki marinade and glaze. The marinade/glaze was so simple. I let the salmon sit in the marinade for 45 minutes and then cooked down some of the same items to make a glaze. Yummy! I did a side of seared kale and some quinoa. Dinner was great and I had a very happy table!

Tomorrow will be the best part of Valentines Day. The sales! The Princess and I will get tons of candy and heart shaped things for half price. Getting nice things on Valentines day is great but getting half price stuff the next day -- that makes my heart melt!


Silent Saturday

Friday February 12, 2010








Friday Randomness

I have been juicing everything but the kitchen sink! I must be super healthy by now, right? I'm only juicing once a day because a friend of mine said to start slow. You feel full but then you try to do too much and pass out or something. Well, I sincerely doubt that I'll be doing too much! Apparently he doesn't know the proud "super slacker" badge that I wear.

Mentioning "slacker", I've been slacking on my posts. I'm supposed to post 75% of the 1001 days. I currently have well...a lot of days that I need to post. So prepare for some randomness mixed in with the fabulousness.

Today's randomness (besides juicing and slacking?) SNOW!!!

WTH! Atlanta is gonna get snow today. 1-2 inches my way (3 inches the tall girl's way). I'm not one for snow. I don't like cold and bad weather. It has totally messed up my plans to go shopping! Well, kinda. I've made some online purchases. I've already purchased several books on @m@zon and a pair of shoes! But, I did want to spend some time with my Auntie and now I can't do that for fear of getting snowed in. No, we aren't going to get what DC, NYC and the like have gotten, but still...

Oh, and the RAOK has been doing well. I'm halfway done for February!! Remember? I had to do 15 for February -- sort of "jump start" my niceness? It hasn't been hard to be nice but it's hard to be randomly nice. Note to self - be nice to strangers.

Happy Friday people. Be nice to strangers and I hope the weather works out in your favor.

Live long and juice!


You Too Can Experience The Benefits Of Juicing!!

I bought the juicer!!! It only took me a year to take the plunge! You'd think that it would have been easier for me to make the purchase. It's not like it was a high ticket purchase. Heck, I've decided to get married in less time than that! No, it was more of the commitment to juicing. Once you make the purchase, you really have to do it cause any excuse you had is gone!

So, I got it and used it last night. It was great! I did a carrot, ginger, pineapple concoction that was nice (The Princess turned up her nose at it and said it was nasty. I never liked her anyway). Tonight, I'm trying a orange juice, carrot, spinach thing. Yum, yum. I'll take a picture and post.

1 step closer to completing 101 things! Yeah me!!


BOOK REVIEW - Living Oprah: My One-Year Experiment to Walk the Walk of the Queen of Talk

Robyn Okrant decided to spend a year committing herself to Oprah's suggestions. She wanted to know if by doing so, she would really be living her best life.

I admit, I went to W@lly W0rld the day that the book came out. I was pretty stoked about reading it. I had followed Robyn's blog since October 2009 when I first learned of it.

Was it worth it? Did I learn anything? Well, I learned a valuable lesson, just in the purchase. The S@ms CIub really is cheaper than anywhere else when it comes to books and magazines!

I learned many other things too. I learned that Robyn Okrant is hysterical! I learned that some of 0pr@h.c0m's recipes can be a bit time consuming but usually pretty good. And I learned what she learned, she probably was already living her best life. She was living HER VISION of what her best life should be.

Not to say that she didn't pick up helpful tips (and I did too) but the best tip was probably that there really are people that are already living their best life. They may need a tweak here and there but they are ok already.

Can Robyn write? You bet! I love the way she chose to show us the dollars that she spent and the ongoing lessons that she learned (and the funny quotes from friends and fellow bloggers). I was concerned that she would either lurve, lurve, lurve on 0pr@h or ridicule everything that she said. She did neither. She gave a very fair and mostly unbiased report of everything. I liked that about the book.

If you are wondering if you should pickup a copy of the book, yep. It's a good read. I don't pay full price for hardly anything so my suggestion would be to go to The S@ms CIub or @mazon for the best price. You could try the library but, when I tried reserving the book, I was number 217 in line. They only have 12 copies! If you factor that everyone can keep the book a total of 9 weeks (with double checkout) then I'd be waiting (32 plus 7, carry the 4, divide by 9) a long freakin' time.

Good job Robyn! Now you can try to go back to your former life, but you know, with a little bit more moh-lah!!


Dear Martha That Lives In My Head...

Dear MTLIMH (Martha That Lives Inside My Head),

I am sooo sorry that I have been neglecting you. I've watched other people's inner Martha hard at work and you have been stuck, "sat sitting" doing nothing. Not a casserole, not a shepherds pie, not a stitched pillow, nuthin.(Well, that's not true. I made brownies Saturday. Of course they were a hit. You want the recipe? Of course. I am more than happy to give it to you. Look at the bottom).

MTLIMH, there were so many opportunities for you to come out and play. Remember when I needed cute bathroom towels? I bought plain towels and pretty embellishments to put on them and where are they now? In a bag in the closet. What's hanging on the bathroom wall? Worn out towel that I should be ashamed of.

Well no more! Beginning this weekend I'm going to let the MTLIMH out. We're gonna cook and decorate and make everything so pretty it could go in a magazine. AND, I'll post it so you can see. It will keep me honest.

Now I won't be so embarrassed when I see what my fellow bloggers are doing. I'll be one of the crowd. And really, isn't that what we all secretly want? To be one of the crowd?

The Worlds Bestest, Most Easiest Brownies
(1) box of brownie mix (fudgelike is best)
(1) large bar of Hershey's Symphony chocolate

1. Mix the brownies according to the mix.
2. Poor half of the mix into the baking pan.
3. Break the bar of chocolate into pieces (there are lines on the chocolate bar. follow them) and place on the brownie mix.
4. Poor the remaining mix into the pan.
5. Bake according to the directions on the box.
6. Let it cool.
7. Eat 1 piece.
8. Go to the store and buy good ice cream (not that crappy kind).
9. Eat another piece topped with ice cream.

Does it have to be Hershey's Symphony? Well, yes. Otherwise I wouldn't have said it. Really, it has a wonderful taste and doesn't completely melt into the brownie. You don't have to use it, but I would and well, the MTLIMH would too.


RECORD REVIEW - Corinne Bailey Rae - The Sea

First, I'm half British (in my head I am) so I love almost all things British. CBR is no exception. When I heard "Put Your Records On" my love affair with her music began.

I found out about this release quite by accident. But, thankfully, I found out in time. I called in late to work last Tuesday and went to the W.@lly W.0rld to pick up my copy.

At first I gave it a B+. The mood somber, the words hard to hear against the backdrop of really great music. But then, I read the words as I listed to the songs and her grade got a 10 point improvement. A total A+.

I listened to this ALL weekend. This "record" is slow, thought provoking British sound with GREAT music. I love it! If you aren't sure if you should grab a copy or download it, I say do it. You'll thank me later.