Have Stone? Make Some Soup.

This weekend the Princess and I made my super simple veggie soup but I didn't take a picture. That's really ok because I didn't use a recipe either.

Well, I didn't use a real recipe. Why not? I didn't have to. My soup recipes are the world's easiest. In the winter it's cold and I want something warm, fast. I have my go to faves - taco soup, twice baked potato soup, chili (ok, ok, it's really a stew) and vegetable soup.

Ever heard the story of "Stone Soup?" Well, my version of vegetable soup is amazingly like that (except without the stone - who the hell wants a dirty rock in their soup?).

Veggie Soup
A can of tomatoes (no salt added)
A can or bag of mixed veggies (no salt added)
12 - 16 oz of veggie broth (homemade is best - I always have broth in the freezer)
2 tablespoons (I guess - who measures?) vegan Worcestershire sauce
cumin, sage, parsley, pepper, slight hint of salt, hint of paprika

Warm it up (cause really, everything is already cooked) and go. But, the next day it's better.

Ma mere always made homemade soups in the winter. Once a cold spell hit, she would pull out the a big pot and start cutting vegetables and boiling chicken, skimming fat off the top, blah blah blah. I do it the easy way. No cutting, no chicken, no skimming fat.

Now, when I make my veggie broth, I do pull out the stock pot and do the chopping (carrots, parsnips, celery, potatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, etc.) and add spices galore. A vat veggie broth made at Thanksgiving will last me well into February.

Do I have some left? Yep. I have one lone container of veggie broth in the freezer. It's terrified that it won't get used. Never fear my container of veggie broth. Old man winter promises one or two more weekends of yukky weather.

And I promise one more batch of super simple veggie soup.

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