BOOK REVIEW - Living Oprah: My One-Year Experiment to Walk the Walk of the Queen of Talk

Robyn Okrant decided to spend a year committing herself to Oprah's suggestions. She wanted to know if by doing so, she would really be living her best life.

I admit, I went to W@lly W0rld the day that the book came out. I was pretty stoked about reading it. I had followed Robyn's blog since October 2009 when I first learned of it.

Was it worth it? Did I learn anything? Well, I learned a valuable lesson, just in the purchase. The S@ms CIub really is cheaper than anywhere else when it comes to books and magazines!

I learned many other things too. I learned that Robyn Okrant is hysterical! I learned that some of 0pr@h.c0m's recipes can be a bit time consuming but usually pretty good. And I learned what she learned, she probably was already living her best life. She was living HER VISION of what her best life should be.

Not to say that she didn't pick up helpful tips (and I did too) but the best tip was probably that there really are people that are already living their best life. They may need a tweak here and there but they are ok already.

Can Robyn write? You bet! I love the way she chose to show us the dollars that she spent and the ongoing lessons that she learned (and the funny quotes from friends and fellow bloggers). I was concerned that she would either lurve, lurve, lurve on 0pr@h or ridicule everything that she said. She did neither. She gave a very fair and mostly unbiased report of everything. I liked that about the book.

If you are wondering if you should pickup a copy of the book, yep. It's a good read. I don't pay full price for hardly anything so my suggestion would be to go to The S@ms CIub or @mazon for the best price. You could try the library but, when I tried reserving the book, I was number 217 in line. They only have 12 copies! If you factor that everyone can keep the book a total of 9 weeks (with double checkout) then I'd be waiting (32 plus 7, carry the 4, divide by 9) a long freakin' time.

Good job Robyn! Now you can try to go back to your former life, but you know, with a little bit more moh-lah!!

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