Lions and Tigers and Bears....and Zebras

It's comforting (NOT) to know that your friends take great joy in laughing at you. I just received not 1, not 2 but 5 phone calls/text messages warning me about the following...

Runaway Zebra Captured On Downtown Connector


Everyone that knows me, knows I have a weird fear of zebras. I can look at them from afar or in animated form but a real zebra up close (or even one on tv on the evening news) freaks me the"eff" out. And dear God, don't show the head up close. I will really scream.

Someone told me its cause by vertigo. I just say zebrazoophobia. I've looked it up on the internet and I don't see a definition for it (or a self help group).

So what would have happened had I been driving on the highway and I had seen the zebra? Well, my car would have had a funny smell for weeks and people in Texas would have heard my scream. I would have run over several cars to get the hell out of the way. God sent me home early today for a very good reason! He knows my fears and He comforts me -- and He thought that it would be funnier this way.

Thanks to all of my "friends" that called and sent me text messages to tell me about the zebra and then laugh at me.

Zebra, I'm glad that you are safe but I glad I didn't see you.

And no, there will not be any pictures posted!!

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