February 101 in 1001 Review

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-- I did it! I completed the 15 random acts of kindness (ROAK) that I said I would for February. That brings my grand total to 22! Only 79 more to go (deep sigh).

-- I bought a great pair of jeans (0pr@h recommended).

-- I bought the juicer (and I have been juicing like crazy ever since! It's the best $100 I have EVER spent!!).

-- I paid off both credit cards in my money & finance section.

February wasn't hard or anything but the ROAK was challenging. I had to decide what was simply being nice and what was a real random act. I had to do the last one twice. The tall girl asked for a stamp and I gave it to her and wouldn't let her pay for it. Since I wasn't sure if that qualified I decided to give the man ahead of me in line $1.87 which is what he needed for his grocery bill. That qualified, I'm sure.

March has some goals to complete as well.

1. I will leave 15 encouraging words in random places.

2. I will create a customized care package for a friend or loved one.

3. I will volunteer 5 hours.

4. Gather all birthdays in 1 place.

5. Make my alphabet movie list.

Stay tuned....

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