Be Safe

Seeing a cell phone through the eyes of a budding teenager is pretty amazing. I've watched the Princess learn (very quickly) how to use the phone and The Sister has watched her learn (again, SUPER quickly) how to text.

We were all sitting at a family dinner last week and the Princess sent us all a text message asking us what we were doing. Well duh! We're sitting in front of you!

Doesn't matter. She just wanted to text. Thank God for ummm-limited texting.

She also likes to call. She calls everyone, just to see how they are doing, to tell them what she just ate or what she is going to eat or even what she would like to eat. She called me from the living room (I was ten feet away in my bedroom -yeah I know, tiny apartment) and asked me if she could get some pudding. Then when she finished, she sent me a "Thank You" text.

The final straw was when I was sitting at my mother's office, waiting to take her home and the Princess asked (texted) me what I was doing.

SM - "I'm sitting in Ma Mere's office waiting to take her home."

TP - "What time are you leaving to come pick me up?"

SM - "In a few minutes."

TP - "Okay."

SM - "I love you."

TP - "I love you too. Be safe."

Be safe? I like the fact that she is concerned for my welfare but where the hell did she learn that? I sure as hell don't say it. If I could have text her back I would have said, "ROTFLMAO. WTF?"

But that wouldn't be appropriate.

Oh, side note. I printed out a complete list of texting lingo. 46 pages. Half those words are ones that I've never even heard of. Half of them are words that the Princess can't use. And, half of them are ones that may or may not be acceptable.

I know, I can count. I'm just under stress. You can judge my math when YOU have a teenager-not until.


Movie Review - The Weekend of Chick Lit

1. Eat. Pray. Love.
2. The Proposal *
3. Somethings Gotta Give
4. Did You Hear About The Morgans?
5. It's Complicated
6. Valentines Day

Yep, it was one hell of a chick-lit weekend. I saw 6 (count 'em) chick-lits this weekend. Yes, by Sunday night I am an emotional wreck! But, I did it. Approximately 14 hours of my life watching sappy, girlie, movies.

A friend of mine suggested many of these movies to me. I decided that this weekend I'd bite the bullet and get it done. Now, everyone that knows me, knows that I don't watch movies all willie nillie. I have things to do and spending 2 hours watching a random movie doesn't always interest me. A movie has to be a damned good one for me to commit. Well, all of these were very, very good.

1. Eat. Pray. Love.
OMG. It was so good. Every woman should watch this movie. There are so many lessons wrapped in laughter. No matter where you are in your life you can get something out of it. What did I get? Motivated. I love the fact that Julia Robert's character goes through such a range of emotions. I think we all do, we just deal with them differently.

2. The Proposal *
This one almost doesn't count. I own it. I went to see it opening weekend last year and fell in love with it. The Tuesday it came out on DVD, I received it as a gift. I've seen it a dozen times and it's funny every time. Sandy, Ryan and Betty are tooooooo funny!

3. Somethings Gotta Give
Very good. A really good examination of older relationships. I know, I'm only in my late 30's but I'm in a stage further along than some people my age. I've got a couple of marriages under my belt and a teenager that is going to drive me to drive (more). I can totally relate.

4. Did You Hear About The Morgans?
I love Hugh Grant. He was superb. This was definitely a couples movie. Some couples are lucky enough to remember why they married in the first place and put the pieces back together. Other couples wonder if you really can suffocate a person with a pillow (no, you can't - don't ask how I know).

5. It's Complicated.
ROTFLMAO - Do you hear me! This was just a great cast of folks. Meryl, Steve and Alec need awards (did they get awards?) I hurt myself laughing. I think my neighbors were a bit peeved cause I roared with laughter several times. I was glad that the movie ended the way it did. (Sid e note - I need to get skype).

6. Valentines Day
Cute. Very, very cute. Alot of people, alot of stuff going on but in the end cute. It had some parts that I didn't see coming but I sniffled at the end and that makes a great movie.

Ok, now I need to cleanse and watch something bloody or something. That was too much mushy. I'm think I'm gonna go read a dirty novel now.


And I Lo Jacked That Mug!

To piggie back on the fact that I stalked my daughter on the first day of school (giving her years of therapy to pay for), Tuesday we ran to the cell phone store so fast I tore the hinges off that motha (shut yo mouf). Yep, I bought the Princess a cell phone cause I am that mommie (have I told you that before?).

Now, I know that she is my child because I told her that I would pay for the phone as long as she paid for half the bill each month. I told her to feel free to use the resources at her disposal.

So TP spent the last 2 nights calling relatives on her cell phone...and telling them that W@lly W0rld had $10, $20 and $50 pre-paid cards that she could use to pay the monthly bill. And what pray tell, came in my e-mail today? Requests for my mailing address and promises of $50 pre-paid cards from the grands and a $20 card from Auntie Virginia Girl. That can pay her portion of the bill for 6 months!! She works hard for her money folks.

I'm gonna remember this when it's junior/senior dues time AND when the college tuition fees are due. I'll call all of you on her blinged out phone if I have to!

Oh, and to be clear, the pictured phone is not her phone. I thought it wouldn't be right to post an actual picture of her phone.

Especially since we will be making a trip to the mall to get a cover for it - sponsored by Auntie The Sister.


Is Someone Following You?

Go ahead and judge me. I don't care. Really, I don't.

Yes, I followed The Princess to the bus stop and watched from a distance until the bus pulled away. It was her first day. I'm that mommie. It's the last time, I promise.

This week.

No, really. This is our first year at the bus stop. Once we move in a few months, the bus stop will be inside a gate. The current bus stop is on a main highway. Yes, the word "highway" is on the street name. 4 lanes, 45 mph (which means drive 55, 60). It's used as a alternate route when the expressway is being worked on. Guess what happened this weekend? Yep, expressway roadwork. You bet your sweet ass I was watching.

She did well, of course. 2 other young princesses were at the bus stop as well. She gets a big SM 4 star hug today.

What is SM doing to day? Pampering. I deserve it. I spend a butt load of money this weekend on shoes, clothes, 2 pocket, pronged folders, etc. So I'm going to spend $16 on a pedi, $6 on a movie and watch trash tv (I hope 0pr@h is good today!).


A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The School Supply Store...

I think I've mentioned a time or two that I currently live in a hell hole apartment. Well, it's come to my attendtion that the people that live here are guardians for hell.

Last week I received a note on my door stating there would be a school supply drive last Saturday. We were supposed to meet, grab a list and meet back up the following week. I'm all about the kiddies and school supplies so I got my little happy self to the place. I always spread the gospel about how important it is to support the children, teachers and schools. Remember, I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty.... (sorry, I digress - old Whitney Houston song - before Bobbbbayyyyy!).

So last Saturday I show up for the meeting along with 3 other do gooders. We get a handwritten list and our orders to bring back items during the week. Then the items would be dispersed this Saturday (2 days before school).

That sounds great. I exchange phone numbers with the ladies, take my list and prepare to fulfill my RAOK list. The Princess has extra things like blunt tip scissors and color pencils that I always have on hand and doesn't everyone have stuff on sale right now? What's it gonna hurt to spend an extra fiver on someone else?

So Sunday I purchase a few things and pull a few things from my own stash. I plan to go back to the stores during the week and complete my task. Then yesterday I get this call.

"Hey Super Mommie. This is Neighborhood Naomi. Have you taken your supplies over to Do Gooder Debbie?"

"No, not yet. I'm gonna do that Friday."

"Well, don't."

(pregnant pause)

(( I've always wanted to use "a pregnant pause"))

"I beg your pardon?"

"Don't take anything over. I just came from over there today and found out that we aren't collecting for the apartment complex, we're collecting for Do Gooder Debbie."

(another pregnant pause)

((two in one post!))

"Are you sure?"

Neighborhood Naomi proceeded to tell me that she took her supplies over and DGD told her that she didn't have the right type of dry erase markers. NN explained that all teachers use this kind. Then DGD pulled out her list and said that HER daughter's teacher didn't want that kind. NN asked her who, exactly, where we collecting for. She said mainly her daughter but anyone else that needed supplies could ask her for some.

NN grabbed her supplies and went home to make several irate phone calls. The first one being to the front leasing office.

I'm sure there will be another note on my door today when I get home.

Damn it, I'm ready to move! November can't get here fast enough.


Lazy Sunday

Sunday Mornings are always nice. Some Sunday mornings are spec-damn-tacular!

There's no real game plan for Sunday's like these. I did what I needed to do on Saturday or perhaps I have a Monday holiday and I can do it then. But on Super Sunday Mornings, I have nothing to do and no place to go.

I sip on a few great cups of coffee. I might sift through some emails or searching the web. Perhaps I'll finish up a book that I was reading or start a new one. I can clip coupons. I'll get a little bit of some lite housework done. Maybe I'll checkout The Food Newtork or The Food Channel and get hungry, so I'll maka a vegetarian fry up with eggs, potatoes, toast, and a little salmon.

There's nothing quite like it.

Except the Sunday's when I wake up and get to snuggle before doing everything else (bow-chic-a-wow-wow!!)