Super Mommie Needs A Break

No-- I'm not leaving! I'm sharing!

Sometimes supermommie needs a break. Sometimes things get crazy and you just need to have some funny in your life. So, where does SM go for funny?

This is why you're fat.

In case you've ever wondered why we are so fat. Most of this stuff will make you want to hurl but every now and then (mars bars cake, Doughnut Upside Down Cake, Burger King Funnel Cake Fries With Icing Dip) you just wanna find the recipe.

This is such a fall on your face laughing good time! Crackbook will never be the same.

People of Walmart
And you wonder who goes there at 2am. If this doesn't make you laugh it's cause one of the photos is of you.

If you don't run to this page every Sunday then well...maybe you have things to do. But in between those things to do, do this. The posts will make you gasp and check to see if your BFF sent in one of the cards!

ROTFLMAO! Aren't you glad you purchased your cake from a reliable bakery (that can spell?)

Funny or Die
Many of them are side splitting.

Stuff White People Like

I know. It doesn't sound "pc" but it's not bad. It appears to be true. I'm only guessing cause well...I'm not white. It's not super funny but it's very interesting.

Best of Bad Baby Names

This makes Super Mommie feel REALLY good about her own name (not that I ever felt bad Ma Mere)!

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