Why is it road rage? I'm not mad at the road!

I didn't think that I had road rage but I guess if you can't drive more than 4 minutes without cussing someone out, perhaps you do.

All this week I have tried to drive to work and back home without cussing, yelling or grunting at someone driving too slow. I have not made it. (sigh)

You know, if people that drive slow would stay in the right lane and only drive during non-rush hours, I wouldn't have to admit that I have a (tiny) touch of road rage. Seriously, I drove behind a car full of people that drove sooooo slooooow I had 2 birthdays while waiting. And then they stopped at every yellow light they thought they saw. We sat through a 1 minute yellow light at one point!

I'm going to change the name from road rage to people rage. I'm not upset with the road. I am upset with the people.

Oh, I know. Don't get angry over things you can't control. I get it. Just move out of my way and we'll both be happy.

Or you'll force me to take control and ram into you super slow car!

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