I'm just trying to be nice to you, damn it!

So what constitutes "random act of kindness"? I have to complete 101 of them. So far, 2. Yeah, I know. Not such a good start.

Why so few? Because, I try not to mistake "just plain nice" and "what you really should do" with "random act of kindness". For instance, some crazy kids where crossing a very busy street during the height of morning rush hour traffic, just a few yards away from the actual crosswalk (and school crossing guard). Well, I stopped and let the heathens cross. RAOK? No, just me deciding to stop rather than speed up and see how many of those buggers I could tag.

And at the grocery store I let a lady with 5 items go ahead of me when I had 16. RAOK? No, not really. Her incessant loud talking on the cell phone was getting on my damned nerves so I figured the sooner she left the store, the faster my sanity would return.

Oh, and there was the time that I gave the money to a stranger. RAOK? Well, if you forget that the stranger knew what car I had just gotten out of and I wanted to make sure she didn't mess with my car after I parked (And even then, I went back and re-parked my car elsewhere).

Wow! Does that mean I'm not capable of RAOK? Or, does that mean that opportunities to complete them just don't present themselves? I think that I have been too busy to notice them. My goal for the month of February? Complete 15 of them!

Yikes, that's about 1 every other day! Think I can do it? Think I can go out of my way to be nice to complete strangers?

Can I help you take that bag to your car?


  1. Good luck, I've only completed 5....but not sure they count cause 3 of them were to the same person.

  2. No, RAOK to snuffy doesn't count. Now, you are down to 1.