101 Things In 1001 Days

Guess what I've started again (besides blogging). I picked up the ole 101 things in 1001 days list! Yes, it was just as hard to write this time as it was the first time. Actually, it was harder. The first time I made my list I got through quite a few of the items. This time I had to think of new things. I had to make it relevant to my life. I wanted each goal to mean something to me.

So here you go. For the next 2.75 years I will be busting my tail to do the following...

The Mission:Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching.

Why 1001 Days?Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple goals such as new year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

**1. Complete my 101 Things in 1001 Days list.
2. Create a birthday card box.
3. Gather all of the birthdays in one place.
4. Create a picturebook/scrapbook for summer 2009.

5. Create a picturebook/scrapbook for summer 2010.
6. Create a picturebook/scrapbook for summer 2011.


CAREER/WRITING8. Update my resume.
**9. Take a career building course of some sort (but NOT for work!).
**10. Complete first draft of book 11. Organize AW desk.
12. Send in 3 magazine submissions – any type.
13. Blog 51% of the 1001 days (110/501) (22%).
14. Attend a blogger conference.
15. Write 1000 words each week (41189/143,000) (29%%).

16. Practice yoga/exercise more.
17. Spend more time in meditation or stretching or breathing.
18. In times of nice weather and decent light, walk with The Princess.
19. Develop and use a skin care regime.20. Lose that last 5lbs.

21. Bake 72 NEW things. (5/72)
22. Cook 35 new dinners. (6/35) (17%)
23. Make 5 vegan entrees. (2/5)
24. Create a family cookbook.
25. Take a cooking class.
**26. Try a shot of wheat grass.

27. Go to 15 NEW TO ME restaurants.(8/15) (53%)  
28. Make vanilla extract.
**29. Find my signature dessert.
30. Attend some type of food festival.
31. Have tea in a posh hotel.
32. Try 15 new veggies. (1/15)33. Pickle something.
34. Make flavored oil.
35. Make jelly or jam.
**36. Buy the juicer!

37. Mail a secret to Post Secret.
**38. Take pictures with The Princess.
**39. Go to a Braves game.40. Buy a fondue pot.
41. Use that fondue pot.
42. Comment on 72 random blogs (65/72) (90%)

43. Watch 26 movies beginning with the letters of the alphabet (8/26) (31%)
44. Host an all girls (family) slumber party.
45. Host a game night.
**46. Host a movie night.

47. Take The Princess to a show, production, "on ice" thing, etc.
**48. Win something from a magazine or radio station (You have to play to win!). http://smommie.blogspot.com/2010/04/im-winner.html**49. Buy/acquire a new camera.
**50. List 101 things that make me happy (101/101).

** 51. Find the original letter to my body and revise it.
52. Finish mommie's family tree.
53. Renew passport.
54. Create a living will and pass it out.
55. Get a passport for The Princess
56. Learn about and use aromatherapy.

57. Buy a filing cabinet (and get rid of the plastic one).
58. Organize my filing, again, but like a real adult this time.
59. Organize my closet, again, but like a real closet should look.
**60. Organize kitchen utensils.
**61. Organize recipe books. **62. Organize exercise books.
**63. Organize coupon system.

** 64. Donate 101 things to charity (132/101) (132%).
65. Organize AH desk.
**66. Organize holiday cutters (129). (100%)**67. Get bins and organize each holiday into the correct bin.
68. Read 72 books. (35/72) (49%)
69. Read 5 "perceived as boring by me" books - It's good for the mind. (0/5)
**70. Go to a book signing.
71. Read a book from the New York Times bestseller list each quarter (0/10).
72. Watch 10 complete BBC series (1/10). (10%)73. Watch 15 classic movies that I haven’t seen (2/15). (13%)
MONEY & FINANCES74. Give at least $350 to charity of some sort. ($87/$350) (25%)  
75. Move somewhere super duper fabulous.

**78.Start a savings account.77. Buy a savings bond.
**78. Pay off cc credit card.
**79. Pay off dks credit card.
80. Pay only 15% of total grocery bill by using coupons (e.g. $7.50 for $50.00 worth of groceries).

**81. Send a care package to a soldier.
82. Volunteer 24 hours. (3/24) (13%)83. Complete 101 random acts of kindness. (58/101) (58%)
84. Leave 33 encouraging in random places.  (1/33) (3%)85. Give 13 customized “care packages” to family and friends. (4/31) (31%)86. Sponsor 3 people on
http://www.kiva.org/. (0/3)

87. Go on a cruise.
**88. Go away on a romantic get-away.
**89. Take The Princess to the beach.

**90. Go to Savannah.
91. Visit 5 new cities. (2/5) (40%)
92. Have a 3 city themed sta-cations with The Princess. (0/3)

93. Go to a play.
94. Go to a wine tasting.
**95. Spend 24 hours in honeymoon mode.
96. Buy a LBD.
**97. Buy a GREAT pair of jeans.
98. Purchase 30 days of VA (23/30). (77%)
99. Purchase 7 days of BH (0/7).
100. Create the bedroom I want.
101. Donate $10 for each thing not completed (101 days to finish donating the money).

**Finished - 32 out of 101 things are done - yeah me!! - 32%In progress
Actively in progress

Last updated: 10/19/10

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  1. Great list. I like the idea of writing a letter to your body.

    For British TV series, I totally recommend 'The IT Crowd' if you haven't seen it - it's really funny, and a lot more contemporary than Mapp and Lucia. It's Channel 4 rather than BBC, but then so was Mapp and Lucia. :-)