Keep It Or Toss It?

Lord give me strength.

I cleaned out the food in my kitchen Wednesday afternoon. I had berries in the freezer from January - I had every intention of making smoothies. I had cans and cans of beans in the pantry - I make a lot of taco soup and vegetable soup during the winter months. It's practically June now. I cleaned out the spice cabinet. Many of the spices were pretty old. It's best to make stuff with fresh spices.

This weekend I will tackle the "stuff" in my kitchen. That will be hard.

I take pride in a well stocked kitchen. I have a "measuring spoon collection" and widgets and gadgets that I've used once and never again. I even have some gadgets that *gasp* I've never used. I have spoons and utensils on the counter top for visual display. I use to feel comfortable with everything that way. Well, all of that changes this weekend.

I'm paring down. It's part of my living simply philosophy. I have a lot of goals in my life and I think that some of the "stuff" that I hold onto prevents me from doing the things I really want to do.

I won't get rid of everything in my kitchen. I will only keep the things the I LOVE. So, the potato ricer - like it, but don't love it; My bamboo spoon set - love it, use it everyday. The olive pitter - good gosh, I don't know. I like olives but I rarely eat them. I guess it has to go.

I know, it sounds really easy to many of you but the foodies out there understand. I will be moving to a new place in a few months. I don't want to take all of this stuff with me - only the things I love. I really have to make some tough decisions where my kitchen is concerned.

I gave myself the 3day weekend. It will take every but of that time.

But no time to cry...the bathroom cosmetic basket is next on the list!


What God Does At Midnight

Epiphanies happen at 1:05 in the morning. Is it because you are half asleep? Is it that you really are in REM sleep? Is it because everyone else is sleep so The Big G can focus all his time on you? I dunno. What I do know is that for me, the middle of the night is usually when they happen.

Last night I had one and it's very simple.

Yep, that's it -- simplicity.

I've decided to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). I have a lot of goings-on in my life and when you remove all the fast moving parts, I have some very simple things going on that are the most important things to me. I'm going to focus on those things and remove all of the other things that deter me from the important stuff. People, places, ideas, activities. All of them have to be pared down to the basics.

You're asking, how does that affect me? Well, quite simply, it doesn't. It doesn't affect you at all.

But it does affect me and that is what is going to make me a better person. Oh and well, that will make my posts more interesting (or terribly boring) so that does affect you!

So be on the lookout for simplicity. It will be so subtle, you may not even notice it! Or, it may be so earth shattering you have to shield your eyes from it.


Summer vaca is here! The Princess is in full summer mode. What exactly does that mean? Well, stay up longer, sleep later, eat cereal all day long and watch more tv than should be allowed by law....well, for the next 2 weeks. Then summer camp begins.

I want a 2 week vaca. No, I don't have to go anywhere. A "stay-ca" will do just fine. Problem is, then I'd want to extend it. If I had two weeks off and the company would continue to pay me, my itinerary would be so great!

Day 1 - Sleep late - don't have to rush and do anything cause I have two weeks to do it in! I'll make a mimosa with for breakfast. Bake cookies for lunch and brownies for dinner.

Day 2 - Brunch with The Princess (at home or out is fine). Something super fattening with lots of butter and maple syrup. Start reading a steamy, trashy novel. Please pass me that mimosa.

Day 3 - Shopping (without The Princess - she doesn't like shopping...yet!). Get toes done. Have another mimosa.

Day 4 - Go to Br@ves Country with The Princess and watch my team win the game. Do they sell anything other than beer? I don't drink beer!

Day 5 - Finish reading the trashy novel. Move on to something stronger than a mimosa - Have to call The Sister over to make drinks.

Day 6 - Bowling or something fun with The Princess (cause that'll be when she is ready to stop watching tv and playing DSlite). Relax with a glass or two of wine once back home.

Day 7 - Lunch with someone else thats on vaca. Perhaps movies with them as well. Mixed drinks and fun conversation.

You see the pattern. Food, shopping and drinks. Ahhhh the life.

I have a 3 day vaca coming up. Let see how much of each I can handle!


I Charge A $75 Cancellation Fee

I have an hourly rate.

My time is valuable. Don't tell me that we are going to lunch "about 2 o'clock." Don't tell me that you "think" your appointment (the one you want me to attend with you) is on the 18th. Don't tell me that you'll call me and let me know where we are going later. And, don't call me at the last minute and cancel something that you clearly could have cancelled earlier.

I have been very lax about my day planner when it comes to friends and family. Now, when it comes to doctor's and business appointments and such, if I have to wait a moment longer than I think is appropriate, I'm gone. But, when family and friends give "fluffy" times and dates, I let them slide.

Well, I have an hourly rate (I think I mentioned that up top). And, just like English class in college, if you are 16 minutes late, I get to go home. Not sure what time you want to get together for drinks? Well, I'm taking my thirsty arse home and drink there. Don't want to commit to which play you want to see at the theatre? Then tomorrow I'll tell you about the play I went to see by myself.

As I age beautiful (such as fine wines and cheeses) I become more "me" friendly. I've given myself permission to do things for myself. One of those things is to demand respect for my hourly rate.

So, from now on you will respect my hourly rate. I treasure the time that I spend with my friends and family. But, my time has a price tag on it (as should yours). I will charge for missed appointments and overtime. I will not overbook my calendar and I will block out time for returning phone calls, sending letters and quiet time in my office.

And if you don't know how to behave, I will send out letters of release.


Patience May Be A Virtue...But I Don't Have Any

I just grabbed this from "the complete information" on my sign, Aries.

Impulsive and impatient
They do not make very good followers because they are too "take charge". They may be unwilling to obey or submit to directions for which they can see no reason, or with which they disagree.

See, I can't help what I do. It's who I am.

I sent off a substantial money order for my class reunion 46 days ago. I have asked the event planner 4 times to confirm that my information had been received. The payment was only traveling 14 miles. As of 1:48pm today, the money order "has not been presented for processing". Well, no one has returned my emails so I cancelled the money order and filed paperwork for a refund.

I am a control freak. I like to know that all of the ducks are in a row. I like it when other people handle things because it means I don't have to. I do not like it when people handle things incorrectly. Then I have to clean up. I don't like having to clean up behind grown ups. The Princess, sure, no problem. Grown arse people, no way in hell.

So, it looks like I won't be going to the reunion and I will probably be banned from future events and I may lose 20 or so facebook friends (lol - I crack myself up) but in a world of chaos, I like order! If you can't give me order -- move out of my way.


I Don't Trust People That Don't Like Summer

Dear Person I THOUGHT I Knew For Twenty Years,

You don't like the summer? You aren't a fan of hot weather? You have to run the ac all day, every day because your body temperature runs warm? You don't like shorts or flip flops? And, you think adult slushies aren't season specific?

Are you freakin' kidding me?! Summer is the best! It's my favorite time of the year! I wait all winter long, very impatiently, for the warm weather to arrive. When it does, I give the pollen time to come in and go away and then it is game on baby!!

When late spring/summer arrives, I can pull out all of my cute sandals and flip flops and get my toes all painted. I use melons and peaches and pinks. I once dated a guy that told me he liked a particular color that did not agree with my summer toe nail polish pallet. I quickly dumped him. TRUE STORY (but I didn't dump him for that reason but it should have been a warning).

I can pull on sundresses and wear shorts and capris. I don't wear sundresses for just anybody. Sundresses are reserved for summer activities. I'll wear capris every day of the week but sundresses are special.

It's baseball season so I can go to as many games as I want. I love my Br@vos! I went opening day and had a blast. I'll go back several times this summer. It's not just the game either. It's a total experience. There are games for the kiddies (and the young at heart). There are the crazies in the crowd. There's the kisscam. There's the fact that you can bring your own food now and just buy ice cream and beer there. Score!!

Summer means I can sit by the pool and read a sassy book or dangle my feet in the water (cause I'm only getting wet up to my neck. My hair is not going to get wet - oh hells no!). A book is better when read on a deck chair with an umbrella over you.

The Princess and I make ice cream. Good Lord we make tons of ice cream. I had to purchase a second barrel for my ice cream maker to keep up with production! My favorite home made flavor? Vanilla, of course.

And the summer drinks. Adult slushies - pina coladas, daiquiris, margaritas, etc. They really are seasonal drinks. Well, ok, they taste better seasonally. I'll drink a margarita on the rocks during the rest of the year but summer....

Dear PITIKFTY, this friendship doesn't appear to be working for a miriad of reasons. But, this, my dear ex-friend took the cake (and home made vanilla ice cream). I think you and I should only be friends from late October through late March.

It's not me, it's you.