Friday Randomness

I have been juicing everything but the kitchen sink! I must be super healthy by now, right? I'm only juicing once a day because a friend of mine said to start slow. You feel full but then you try to do too much and pass out or something. Well, I sincerely doubt that I'll be doing too much! Apparently he doesn't know the proud "super slacker" badge that I wear.

Mentioning "slacker", I've been slacking on my posts. I'm supposed to post 75% of the 1001 days. I currently have well...a lot of days that I need to post. So prepare for some randomness mixed in with the fabulousness.

Today's randomness (besides juicing and slacking?) SNOW!!!

WTH! Atlanta is gonna get snow today. 1-2 inches my way (3 inches the tall girl's way). I'm not one for snow. I don't like cold and bad weather. It has totally messed up my plans to go shopping! Well, kinda. I've made some online purchases. I've already purchased several books on @m@zon and a pair of shoes! But, I did want to spend some time with my Auntie and now I can't do that for fear of getting snowed in. No, we aren't going to get what DC, NYC and the like have gotten, but still...

Oh, and the RAOK has been doing well. I'm halfway done for February!! Remember? I had to do 15 for February -- sort of "jump start" my niceness? It hasn't been hard to be nice but it's hard to be randomly nice. Note to self - be nice to strangers.

Happy Friday people. Be nice to strangers and I hope the weather works out in your favor.

Live long and juice!

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