Valentine Brownies and Salmon Dinner

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you got whatever it was you wanted! I had my little valentine with me and it made my valentines day perfect!

The Princess and I made valentines brownies and I made a salmon dinner. I think my valentine liked it! But, it's easy to please The Princess. She's so great.

I made the brownies from one of the m00.sew00d c00kb0.0ks. It really tastes more like a cupcake than a brownie (and the nugget of nutell@ in the middle helped!). I don't care what they are called - brownies or cupcakes. They were pretty good.

And, I made a wonderful salmon with a teriyaki marinade and glaze. The marinade/glaze was so simple. I let the salmon sit in the marinade for 45 minutes and then cooked down some of the same items to make a glaze. Yummy! I did a side of seared kale and some quinoa. Dinner was great and I had a very happy table!

Tomorrow will be the best part of Valentines Day. The sales! The Princess and I will get tons of candy and heart shaped things for half price. Getting nice things on Valentines day is great but getting half price stuff the next day -- that makes my heart melt!

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