Cookies and Ice Skating

Two women in my department have been selling "girl guide" cookies. I bought too many boxes to mention. I've eaten almost half of them. Arrrg!

They shouldn't make them so good! They should make some of them nastier. I mean they have some caramelie ones that go great with morning coffee or tea. Then they have the minty ones that go great as a snack. And then, they have the coconut caramel chewy ones that go great when you are lying in bed watching the Olympics.

Mentioning the Olympics, have you been watching? Some of these winter sports are pretty weird. Sweeping the ice so a weight thing can slide down the ice? And then there are some of the downhill skiing things that look as if they are jostling every bone in their bodies. Some of the winter sports though, hook you in. Right now I am waiting for the 500 meter skate on some ice thing. Three weeks ago, I could not have cared less. Amazing.

So, I sit here with a box of caramel chewy things waiting for some ice rink thing. Then I'll turn off my light thing and go to sleep.

Perhaps I'll have one of those dream things.

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