Keep It Or Toss It?

Lord give me strength.

I cleaned out the food in my kitchen Wednesday afternoon. I had berries in the freezer from January - I had every intention of making smoothies. I had cans and cans of beans in the pantry - I make a lot of taco soup and vegetable soup during the winter months. It's practically June now. I cleaned out the spice cabinet. Many of the spices were pretty old. It's best to make stuff with fresh spices.

This weekend I will tackle the "stuff" in my kitchen. That will be hard.

I take pride in a well stocked kitchen. I have a "measuring spoon collection" and widgets and gadgets that I've used once and never again. I even have some gadgets that *gasp* I've never used. I have spoons and utensils on the counter top for visual display. I use to feel comfortable with everything that way. Well, all of that changes this weekend.

I'm paring down. It's part of my living simply philosophy. I have a lot of goals in my life and I think that some of the "stuff" that I hold onto prevents me from doing the things I really want to do.

I won't get rid of everything in my kitchen. I will only keep the things the I LOVE. So, the potato ricer - like it, but don't love it; My bamboo spoon set - love it, use it everyday. The olive pitter - good gosh, I don't know. I like olives but I rarely eat them. I guess it has to go.

I know, it sounds really easy to many of you but the foodies out there understand. I will be moving to a new place in a few months. I don't want to take all of this stuff with me - only the things I love. I really have to make some tough decisions where my kitchen is concerned.

I gave myself the 3day weekend. It will take every but of that time.

But no time to cry...the bathroom cosmetic basket is next on the list!


  1. What in the Martha Stewart Kitchen Hell Nightmares is a potato ricer?

  2. LOL - it makes mash potatoes nice and fluffy. But, since I haven't made mashed potatoes in a month of sundays, I don't need the ricer.