Summer vaca is here! The Princess is in full summer mode. What exactly does that mean? Well, stay up longer, sleep later, eat cereal all day long and watch more tv than should be allowed by law....well, for the next 2 weeks. Then summer camp begins.

I want a 2 week vaca. No, I don't have to go anywhere. A "stay-ca" will do just fine. Problem is, then I'd want to extend it. If I had two weeks off and the company would continue to pay me, my itinerary would be so great!

Day 1 - Sleep late - don't have to rush and do anything cause I have two weeks to do it in! I'll make a mimosa with for breakfast. Bake cookies for lunch and brownies for dinner.

Day 2 - Brunch with The Princess (at home or out is fine). Something super fattening with lots of butter and maple syrup. Start reading a steamy, trashy novel. Please pass me that mimosa.

Day 3 - Shopping (without The Princess - she doesn't like shopping...yet!). Get toes done. Have another mimosa.

Day 4 - Go to Br@ves Country with The Princess and watch my team win the game. Do they sell anything other than beer? I don't drink beer!

Day 5 - Finish reading the trashy novel. Move on to something stronger than a mimosa - Have to call The Sister over to make drinks.

Day 6 - Bowling or something fun with The Princess (cause that'll be when she is ready to stop watching tv and playing DSlite). Relax with a glass or two of wine once back home.

Day 7 - Lunch with someone else thats on vaca. Perhaps movies with them as well. Mixed drinks and fun conversation.

You see the pattern. Food, shopping and drinks. Ahhhh the life.

I have a 3 day vaca coming up. Let see how much of each I can handle!

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