Patience May Be A Virtue...But I Don't Have Any

I just grabbed this from "the complete information" on my sign, Aries.

Impulsive and impatient
They do not make very good followers because they are too "take charge". They may be unwilling to obey or submit to directions for which they can see no reason, or with which they disagree.

See, I can't help what I do. It's who I am.

I sent off a substantial money order for my class reunion 46 days ago. I have asked the event planner 4 times to confirm that my information had been received. The payment was only traveling 14 miles. As of 1:48pm today, the money order "has not been presented for processing". Well, no one has returned my emails so I cancelled the money order and filed paperwork for a refund.

I am a control freak. I like to know that all of the ducks are in a row. I like it when other people handle things because it means I don't have to. I do not like it when people handle things incorrectly. Then I have to clean up. I don't like having to clean up behind grown ups. The Princess, sure, no problem. Grown arse people, no way in hell.

So, it looks like I won't be going to the reunion and I will probably be banned from future events and I may lose 20 or so facebook friends (lol - I crack myself up) but in a world of chaos, I like order! If you can't give me order -- move out of my way.

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