Be Safe

Seeing a cell phone through the eyes of a budding teenager is pretty amazing. I've watched the Princess learn (very quickly) how to use the phone and The Sister has watched her learn (again, SUPER quickly) how to text.

We were all sitting at a family dinner last week and the Princess sent us all a text message asking us what we were doing. Well duh! We're sitting in front of you!

Doesn't matter. She just wanted to text. Thank God for ummm-limited texting.

She also likes to call. She calls everyone, just to see how they are doing, to tell them what she just ate or what she is going to eat or even what she would like to eat. She called me from the living room (I was ten feet away in my bedroom -yeah I know, tiny apartment) and asked me if she could get some pudding. Then when she finished, she sent me a "Thank You" text.

The final straw was when I was sitting at my mother's office, waiting to take her home and the Princess asked (texted) me what I was doing.

SM - "I'm sitting in Ma Mere's office waiting to take her home."

TP - "What time are you leaving to come pick me up?"

SM - "In a few minutes."

TP - "Okay."

SM - "I love you."

TP - "I love you too. Be safe."

Be safe? I like the fact that she is concerned for my welfare but where the hell did she learn that? I sure as hell don't say it. If I could have text her back I would have said, "ROTFLMAO. WTF?"

But that wouldn't be appropriate.

Oh, side note. I printed out a complete list of texting lingo. 46 pages. Half those words are ones that I've never even heard of. Half of them are words that the Princess can't use. And, half of them are ones that may or may not be acceptable.

I know, I can count. I'm just under stress. You can judge my math when YOU have a teenager-not until.

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