And I Lo Jacked That Mug!

To piggie back on the fact that I stalked my daughter on the first day of school (giving her years of therapy to pay for), Tuesday we ran to the cell phone store so fast I tore the hinges off that motha (shut yo mouf). Yep, I bought the Princess a cell phone cause I am that mommie (have I told you that before?).

Now, I know that she is my child because I told her that I would pay for the phone as long as she paid for half the bill each month. I told her to feel free to use the resources at her disposal.

So TP spent the last 2 nights calling relatives on her cell phone...and telling them that W@lly W0rld had $10, $20 and $50 pre-paid cards that she could use to pay the monthly bill. And what pray tell, came in my e-mail today? Requests for my mailing address and promises of $50 pre-paid cards from the grands and a $20 card from Auntie Virginia Girl. That can pay her portion of the bill for 6 months!! She works hard for her money folks.

I'm gonna remember this when it's junior/senior dues time AND when the college tuition fees are due. I'll call all of you on her blinged out phone if I have to!

Oh, and to be clear, the pictured phone is not her phone. I thought it wouldn't be right to post an actual picture of her phone.

Especially since we will be making a trip to the mall to get a cover for it - sponsored by Auntie The Sister.

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