Is Someone Following You?

Go ahead and judge me. I don't care. Really, I don't.

Yes, I followed The Princess to the bus stop and watched from a distance until the bus pulled away. It was her first day. I'm that mommie. It's the last time, I promise.

This week.

No, really. This is our first year at the bus stop. Once we move in a few months, the bus stop will be inside a gate. The current bus stop is on a main highway. Yes, the word "highway" is on the street name. 4 lanes, 45 mph (which means drive 55, 60). It's used as a alternate route when the expressway is being worked on. Guess what happened this weekend? Yep, expressway roadwork. You bet your sweet ass I was watching.

She did well, of course. 2 other young princesses were at the bus stop as well. She gets a big SM 4 star hug today.

What is SM doing to day? Pampering. I deserve it. I spend a butt load of money this weekend on shoes, clothes, 2 pocket, pronged folders, etc. So I'm going to spend $16 on a pedi, $6 on a movie and watch trash tv (I hope 0pr@h is good today!).

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