101 in 1001 - Update

Update time!

I'll try to keep you updated on my 101 things in 1001 days. If you aren't familiar, take a peek (well, read this post first, thing take a peek).

#51 - Letter to my body - I found the original letter to my body and took care to write a deep, heartfelt letter to my body now. Folks, in case you haven't figured it out, I really like my body. It's pretty good and has gotten me a date or two in my time. I have no real complaints.

The biggest thing that I have accomplished was #38 - Take pictures with The Princess. I know, I'm a horrible mommie. The Princess and I have NEVER taken professional pictures together. Don't get me wrong -- we've taken many impromptu pics together and my home is a museum/shrine to her. If I don't have 80 pictures of her, it's because I have 81. But, she and I had never taken a professional picture together. Well, all of that changed Saturday. My dad wanted pictures of his kids so my siblings and I got together and took pictures (oh, it was hilarious and sad all rolled up and tied together with a "laugh my arse off" bow). Before the siblings took pics, I took the opportunity to snap a shot with reason my heart beats. They came out 'purty' good. I think my pops will be proud.

I know, 6 things completed in 77 days isn't great but it isn't bad. I should have 2 more things done at this point. But, I've got 16 things in the fire! Well, more actually. As each day passes, I complete steps toward checking off an item. It's pretty exciting.

If you are thinking about doing this, you should take a week or so and really think about 101 things that you really want to accomplish in a little under 3 years. If you're like me, it will motivate you to do some really fun stuff that you always wanted to do but for whatever reason, never accomplish. It will also give you the opportunity to complete some life long dreams.

Do it! You'll really have fun writing the list and you'll really have fun completing each task.


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