Eat Breakfast Like a King!

I must give a shout out to my breakfast bloggers! They have really inspired me.

I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And, I have plenty of time to make a healthy breakfast. I just run out of ideas! I fall back on omelets and really, after a while, omelets get old.

My fave thing for breakfast is oatmeal (well my favorite thing for breakfast is a long, luxurious snuggle but food wise it's oatmeal). It's healthy, quick, portable but alas, dull as a grey lump of, well, oatmeal.

Well never fear! The wonderful bloggers below came into my blogview. I was hooked. Who knew that you could make some many fan-tab-u-lous (portable) things for breakfast! Today I had oatmeal with sweet potato, brown sugar, peanut butter and bananas. It was pretty good! I was very surprised. And of course, I was still stuffed at lunchtime so I just nibbled on lunch. That was good, because I was so excited about my breakfast, I forgot my lunch at home. No worries though. If I were ever stranded at work, my desk drawer has enough food in it to feed me for 2 weeks.

Damn it! If I'm stuck in the building for 5 minutes longer than 6pm, I'm breaking a window!

Thank you lover-ly breakfast blogs!!

Simply Breakfast
Breakfast In Texas
All In The Oats

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