"Be Still" ~ Your Sunday Sermon

Life really is a crazy, wacky journey, isn't it? I've spent all weekend on the phone with several people from my past, updating me on their lives, making me cry and laugh and promises of plans to get together in the future. The most prolific statement this weekend? "Isn't it funny how we get what we ask for, even we don't ask for it out loud?"

VA Girl is so right. There have been so many times that I've wanted something but never dared ask. Sometimes it seems too big or I don't feel like I've earned the right to ask. It doesn't matter. For whatever reason, if He deems it ok then The Big G fixes it right up for me -- and I never have to ask. No, the obstacles don't matter. Those are OUR obstacles. We put those things in the way. He has no obstacles, except, well, us.

Is seems like everything is so rush, rush, rush - hurry up and get it done NOW, we don't take the time for things to simply fall into place. Yes, many times we have to do something, make something move in order for things to work but many other times, things are working themselves out. The Big G is taking care of it for us with the simplest of plans.

I guess "Be still" is something we should all take more time and do. I'm not good at "be still". It seems like a loss of control for me. I don't like to lose control. I like to know who, what, when, where, how and why.

But, I'm learning that sometimes being still and doing nothing is the very best thing we can do. Sometimes it solves a problem that we thought was simply too big.

And sometimes it solves a problem that we pretended we didn't have.

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