My Apartment Complex Doesn't Like My Compost Heap

Happy Earth Day!

You all know I'm a big supporter of mother earth. I've done my part in the past.

1. I stopped using plastic bags (and then discovered that without plastic bags I no longer have trash bags so now I have to buy trash bags)

2. I purchased recycling bags for paper, plastic and glass (and now my laundry room looks like the city dump because I just don't get to the recycle place that often and in a few weeks the ants will show up so I may have to seriously give this one up).

3. I use only those spiral bulbs (except for the vanity mirror because I'm sure my crappy apartment will blow a fuse if I use anything except the horrible 2 watt ((no, not 20, yes 2 - I'm scared people!!)) bulbs in there).

4. I recycle every bottle, can, piece of paper that I can (and now what do I do with the 40 recycled notepads that I have made from old paper? I can only write so fast!! Oh, and everyone is getting a really pretty pencil holder made from a tomato can, decorated with recycled paper and bottle caps).

5. I use fewer paper towels and more cleaning cloths (and now I use more water and detergent to clean them).

6. I thought about making a compost heap (ummm, that's yukky. I'd like to, really, but my "monk syndrome" kicks in and I can't - excuse me while I go wash my hands, twice).

I know, I make jokes, but really, it's important to do what you can. Even if you use 1 less paper towel or get 1 less plastic bag from the grocery store, change 1 bulb to a more efficient bulb, you are making a difference. Not sure what you can do? (Besides the typical "save water, shower with a friend," idea - which is NOT a bad idea depending on how hot your friend is!) I've added some links!




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  1. I'll do my part for the earth by showering with a friend.