You Really Do Have The Right To Remain Silent...But Someone Should Probably Say Something!

My first blog topic was an ode to a zebra. Then I thought of a montage of zebra related topics and items and perhaps even a zebra song. But, I remembered that I'd have to post an actual picture of a zebra and I threw up just a little in my mouth. (Click HERE in case you don't know why).

Then I decided to write about something more pressing, something that the world has not shone (is that a word?) it's spot light on.

Friends who let friends...

Friends who let friends....wear stupid shit to work. I just sent an email to a friend, who let her friend wear the most hideous outfit I had ever seen in my life. It was just wrong to not let her know she looked like a jackarse. I mean people will see her! If you want to dress crazy, do it in the privacy of your own home.

Friends who let friends....audition for television shows when they know those people have no damned talent at all. Now, please understand that I love to sing. I do it in the car, in the bathroom, hell I might be convinced (after several shots of something really strong) to do it at a karaoke bar. I am not, AM NOT going to audition for TV. I know better.

Friends who let friends....procreate with crazy ass people. I have about 3 friends right now that I am not speaking to (well, I do speak to them but with a hint of venom in my voice.). Be nice and offer double lined condoms or a replacement person or something when you see your friend dating someone that seems even remotely douchie. Remember, a short roll in the sack could mean you are tethered to them FOR-EVA!!!!

Friends who let friends....continue to make food that tastes like dog breath. When I first started working in my department, everyone ranted and raved over this lady's potluck dish. I was ready for a taste of heaven when she made it at the Thanksgiving potluck that year. I took a big bite and thought I would vomit right where I stood. It tasted like *ish! Why hadn't anyone told her? Were their taste buds off? I don't care if she is old or not -- that tastes like crap (or what I imagine crap to taste like).

There are times when little white lies are good (OMG your haircut looks great. Wow! Your kid really does look like his father) but in most cases, the truth is best. I mean I try to be as non-commental (again, is that a word?) as possible but sometimes you just HAVE to say something. BUT if it's a situation where the truth might hurt or get you fired...

...remain silent.


  1. I ABSOLUTELY loves it....now this is some funny *ish.

  2. I'm hurt that my blog isn't in your sidebar. I do like this list, however.

  3. Ok, ok, I'll add you to the blog roll if you become a follower (I am NOT above begging for blog promotion!!!). Now I've gotta go. I am sending Frankie a card.