Mindless Television and Children in Jail

I spend most of my Sunday evening watching Parking wars. I LOVE this show!! Have you not seen it? No? I need you to take some time and watch an episode or two. It will TOTALLY make you feel really good about yourself.

AND, the Princess has an upcoming field trip to the aquarium. I am beyond freaked out about this. She is Ms. Save The World so I can honestly envision the following phone call.

SM: Hello.
APD: Is this the mother of The Princess?
SM: Yes, why?
APD: Ma'am, we're going to need you to come downtown to bail your daughter out of jail.
SM: Jail?! OMG! Whatever do you mean jail? My sweet angel in jail?
APD: Yes ma'am. Your sweet angel freed the whales.
SM: Freed the whales?
APD: And the dolphins.
SM: The dolphins?
APD: And the penguins.
SM: Oh dear.
APD: And staged a protest rally, tying herself to the crustaceans cage.
SM: I'll be right down. What's the amount of bail.
APD: No ma'am, we just want you to come get her. She won't stop talking.

Well, it would kinda go like that. And, I think the aquarium has all that stuff. I don't like field trips so I wouldn't know.

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