I'mmmmmm baaaaaack!

Incarnation number 5 or 6; I seriously forget. There have been so many blogs I can't remember either.

I know, I know. I went away for a while -- a long while. I had to think about all the bad things I had said and all of the people I had hurt with my rantings (Which was no one. No one even remembered to read my blog, let alone get offended by it). However, now I have come back with a kinder, gentler spirit, a softer soul, a warmer heart, and a mouth muzzle.

Now I have to start my fan base all over again! Sheesh! I was up to, like 8 people. It's gonna be hard to get my numbers back up there. Where am I gonna find 7 bored people that can read? Bored people, that can read, that will read this blog, more than once? Friends don't count. They open the blog so that the page counter recognizes them and then they log off. No, where will I find 7 other people? 7 good samaritans that will take pity on me and every now and then leave a witty comment? Well, hells bells - any comment is ok. It doesn't have to be witty. It can be insightful too. Or thought provoking -- that would be ok.

And what will I talk about? What exactly will my verbal diarrhea consist of? You got me. I say let's find out together. Let's sit down with pen and paper in hand and think of superbly interesting things to say. Let's think of fabulous places to go and wonderful people to meet (so we can write nice things about them).

If all else fails, we'll make crap up. I mean really, who would know? Well, I guess the tall girl would know but she wouldn't tell! I know where the bodies are buried. My secret is safe with her.

And with you too. Welcome back oh faithful readers. I promise tomorrow (or the next day) I'll have something funny to say.

Well, I'll say something. You can decide if it's funny or not.

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