So Far So Good!

Yes, I had a great birthday. Thank you so much for asking. It was so great, I felt that I need to give my O.sca.r award speech. So here goes.

First, I want to thank everyone for my "burf-day" calls, texts, emails and well wishes. Yes VA Girl, I do look good for 50, even though I'm only 38 (Side bar, calling me at 2am to wish me a happy birthday was a nice idea. That's why I turned my phone off! Better luck next year!). Thank you Tall Girl for my card, your constant support and lunch. I lurve talking about people with you (Can you believe we made those people get up and move!?!). Thank you pirate boy for your illegal phone call and heavy breathing but no, I do not want you to come searching for buried treasure (again, nice try, better luck next year).

Next, I have to give a shout out to my "lil budder" - The Arteest. He made me a cake. Wanna see it? It's to the right up there. He's so nice to me. No, it's not real and no, I can't eat it but then the calories don't show up on my hips. Yay!

And, thanks to the fam for the flowers and cake. Oh, yeah and thanks for eating most of the cake! No, really, I didn't need all the calories. And thanks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all weekend. I've never eaten quite as much as I did this weekend. The food was de-lish! And super thanks for the shopping trip. Ma Mere and Auntie can be some wild ladies!! I had a great time with you two. Love ya'll.
And my "bookies" - thank you for the reading material. You guys were right on the money. It will take me a month to read everything you sent but I will enjoy it all the same!!
And last, but never least, I have to give a big hug and kiss to The Princess. She is truly my reason for breathing. She is the best birthday present a girl can every have. Thank you my princess!!

And thank you readers, all 4 of you, for letting me have my mushy, smushy moment.

Now back to the snarkiness that you know and love me for!!

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