It's Spring Break and I'm Breaking.

On the first day of spring break, my true love gave to me...

Yep, it's spring break. That means I actually have time to blog! Recently I haven't had time to get a good night's sleep let alone blog. I've tried to stay current on email and work stuff and blogging has fallen to the wayside. I'm sorry about that. I know that all 2 of you are upset about that. Well, I'll try to do better.

My car is green. Everyone's car is green. Green cars mean pollen. The pollen count today was some ridiculous number like 2800. Why? I know that the bees need to pollenate the flowers but can they do it without spreading the spores all over the place? If I could get the camera to work correctly (stupid camera - I'm gonna buy a real one soon) I'd show you what my car looks like.

Pollen means misery. Well, kinda but not as bad as last year because I've been neti potting!! In the past I've been doped up on meds and I'd be sleepy and my eyes would be glazed over and my nose would be red and raw. This year I'm stuffy and snotty but nothing I can't handle. Yesterday was ickky cause I was outside most of the day but I came in, I rinsed my nose and things were better. Today things are a lot better. Am I going outside today? Ummm, no. I was planning on going to the hair dresser for my day of beauty but my hair dresser is coming to me. No need in going out into a pollen count that is a bajillion. (Side note - did you know bazillion is a real word but bajillion isn't? I'm gonna start a petition).

Other than that, the first few days of spring break have been fantastic. I've slept in, read a lot, cooked a lot, laughed with the siblings a lot and today I'm relaxing a lot. Oh! And I bought sandals. Whats a vacation without a shoe purchase? Well, it's nothing.

And, this give me time to work on stuff like writing and family tree searching. And, going to see all the teenie bopper movies that the princess wants to see. And reading the 50 magazines that have been piling up beside my bed. And cleaning out my closet. And eating, then exercising so I can eat some more. All in all, I can't complain.

I think I'm going to have some ice cream and brownie right now. After all, spring break calories don't count.

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