Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned

It has been ummm, a really, really long time since my last confession (because I am such a good girl that I never sin - oops, watch out for that lightening bolt).

I just bought another box of GS cookies.

I know, I know but those damned caramel 3 milk cookie things are so freakin good with coffee! I mean the cookie melts but the caramel chips don't and they taste so sweet that afterwards your coffee tastes caramelly.

I ate some grits and eggs this morning (like every good southern girl should) but I wanted something sweet to go with my coffee. And, a pastry from the "crap-a-teria" would have been $1.75 anyway. A box of cookies is two days worth (the serving size on the box is JUST a suggestion people!). So really, really the three bucks, fifty, was totally worth it.

Anyway, I'll walk it off tonight. I will! Well, no I won't but I'll want to. I'll mean to. The entire drive home I'll think about walking it off and then the kid will start talking about what happened on her field trip (the one where she frees the whales and shit) and then I'll juice some carrots and stuff with the juicer (yep, I'm still at it) and then I'll sit in bed watching mindless television while talking on the phone about mindless gossip and then it will be too late cause you can't exercise an hour or so before bed and I have EVERY intention of going to sleep at 9:30.

Whew! Just thinking about exercise is a work out.

I'll think I'll have 3 bloody marys and call it a day.

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