And Now A Public Service Announcement...

It's finally close to spring. You all know I don't like winter very much. Spring is ok, but I want to move on past and get to summer. Why miss all the beauty of spring? Allergy season is close by. My allergies have always been out of control. BUT this spring will be different!

Have I mentioned my neti pot to you?

No, the nice neti pot people haven't paid me a dime but I thought it was important to mention. It sounds kinda gross, yes, but if you've spent years with the allergy problems I have, you'll try anything. I would go through a box of tissues a day! I tried the shots, pills, everything. And to think that a $14 teapot looking thing would solve my problem.

Oh yes. SM runs warm, salt water through her nose every morning. I breathe better, I don't wheeze and while other people are feeling the sinus pressure from the change in seasons, SM hasn't had a sinus headache in over a year!

I don't think it will solve 100% of my allergy issues, but if it solves 75% of them, I'm happy. A box of tissue per week versus 1 box a day (and sometimes 2 boxes in the height of allergy season) wins hands down.

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