Holiday Random Schnitzel

It's all done! I am ready to sit back and let the holiday season over take me with glee. All the purchases have been made. I've finished my 527th batch of cookies. I've almost completed my last day of work for the season. What's left to do? Nuthin! Nuthin at all!

I was very good this year. I started putting a few dollars away in October (after the annual Princess Birthday Bash) so once the shopping season hit, I was able to make my purchases with ease. I decided to only buy a few co-worker gifts and make cookies for everyone else. And, I saved my light work for today and I've spent the morning eating things with tons of sugar, drinking coffee and pretending to do that light work, just like everyone else. Oh happy day.

(Sorry, someone just brought in hot Krispy Kreme donuts. I'm just licking the glaze off my keyboard).

Actually, I lied int the first paragraph. I said there was nuthin left to do. Actually there is.

-- Wrap the gazillion things that I bought The Princess (and by wrap I mean put it in gift bags and put it under the tree).
-- Watch The Sound of Music, cause I told the Tall Girl I would (it better be good!).
-- Listen to Johnny Mathis 1 last time before putting him away for the season.
-- Drink 1 more pint of eggnog before retiring it for the season.
-- Stimulate the economy on the week of December 28th by purchasing next year's Christmas stuff at 50-75% off.
-- Prepare for the Twilight Zone New Years eve marathon.
-- Buy 1 more piece of exercise equipment because I have to remove the 10 damned pounds I added this past month!!

Fa la la la la, la la, la la. Now, excuse me. I have to take a two hour lunch (not really that different from any other day, huh?!).

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