Holidays for decorating

Edit - I created a "101 Things To Do In The Next 1001 Days" list. One of the things (#7 in the Arts & Crafts category) was "Decorate house for 75% of the major holidays in a year". These are not just any holidays. These are "decoratable" holidays. Yes, we all celebrate National Cocoa Day but we don't normally decorate for it (although I'll drink and extra cup to celebrate!).

This is just a very simply post. One of my thousands (3) fans asked what are the holidays that I consider appropriate for decorating. Here they are.

1. New Years Day
2. Valentines Day
3. Spring
4. Easter
5. Summer
6. 4th of July
7. Autumn
8. Thanksgiving
9. Winter
10. Christmas

The change of the seasons always means that I change out the decor in the front room. I change out pillows, table clothes and floral arrangements.

I always decorate for Christmas. Now I will have to add New Years things to the decorations that will already be up.

Valentines will mean decoration of hearts and kisses for The Princess (oh and Mr. Vampiro may get a kiss as well).

Easter will mean bunnies and eggs (and cadbury creamy goodness!!).

4th of July, red, white and blue and flags all over.

Thanksgiving means horns of plenty and pictures of turkeys (live turkeys...I'm a veg-head).

Christmas is easy. I've been doing that for years.

Oh, I know that 1 or 2 of these is a controversial decorating holiday. I have a kid. I look at the decorating part of this as something to do to bond with her. We understand the reasons for the seasons (she knows the true meaning behind Valentines Day). I figure this is an important one of the 101 in 1001 for me. The Princess will be going off to college in a few years (insert sad face with tears here) and other than the seasons, I will probably stop decorating for the holidays. I gotta enjoy it now.

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