Happy Holidays!

Only 4 more hours until Santa taps on my front door, puts presents under the tree for The Princess and then tells me how much money I owe him.

Actually, I don't have to put the presents out tonight. The Princess doesn't play when it comes to sleep. She gets a full 10 hours whether you do or not. And, because she is on "vaca", she will stay up until 10pm and she'll sleep until 9am tomorrow. I can wake up at 7am and put her stuff out. I'm a lucky mommie!

And, I don't have to cook tomorrow! I mean, I'll cranberry sauce because it's what I do but we're going to my favorite Auntie's house and I'll take my rubbermaid with me. Ah, sweet bliss. Oh! Ma Mere is making peach pies and cakes. Don't worry, I've already started exercising.

And I picked up games for us to play tomorrow! Oh, my family loves games. I picked up "PayDay" and "Enga". I remember PayDay from childhood! it was my introduction into bill paying. Enga? Well, that's what it's called when you buy a cheap (but equally as fun) version of another game. $4.99 versus $19.99. YOU do the math.

In case I don't get to tell all 4 of my readers tomorrow, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah and Feliz Navidad. No matter what you celebrate or how you celebrate remember to kiss everyone and tell them that you love them. Then go get another piece of pie!!

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  1. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a very happy holiday. :)