Day After Christmas Shopping

I woke up early. I braved the cold weather. I fought the crowds. I elbowed my way through the heathens all for....more blue Christmas lights and a big ben tree ornament. Yeah, I know. That's a pretty pathetic haul. I chalk it up to still being kinda tired.

Tired from what you ask? Well it takes energy to eat as much food as I did yesterday. I ate so much yesterday, I gained at least 6 more pounds, I just know it! Ma Mere made a pineapple pound cake and a 1,2,3,4 cake. Auntie made a chocolate cake and a vegan lemonilla cake (for The Arteest). Oh, and I ate real food too. Mac-n-cheese, cornbread dressing, salmon souffle, carrots, homemade cranberry sauce, fresh rolls, green beans....I'm sure I'm forgetting something. We ate at 3pm and I'm still full! (Oh, well, I just ate left overs so maybe that's why I'm full).

And, let's not forget, I was up until 1:00am Friday morning, helping Santa put out presents. I had to wrap a billion pairs of earrings and avert my eyes from the glittery tops and hats that were purchased. It's hard work wrapping up stuff for a teenage girl -- all that bubble bath and lip gloss! No, I still haven't recovered.

So, due to fatigue, I didn't stimulate the economy as much as I could have. Have no fear economy. I'm off work all of next week. I'm sure that I'll help put a dent in the deficit.

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