MOVIE REVIEW - The Blindside

I must begin by saying I love anything Sandra Bullock is in. I think she is a great actress. If she's in a movie, I am going to go see it. That being said, I drug my cousin to the movies and made her watch The Blindside with me. OMG! It was a really great "feel good" movie! Quinton Aaron (Michael Oher) and Sandra Bullock (Leigh Anne Tuohy) did a great job and Kathy Bates (Miss Sue), Tim McGraw (Sean Tuohy) added that something extra to the movie.

There is a little bit of football in the movie (not much) but enough to get a little football buzz. There's also so very funny/cute moments in the movie that caused a giggle or two in the theatre.

I definitely recommend putting it on your "to do" list this Thanksgiving while you have some down time (in between eating the fourth slice of pie and heading to the mall!). You can take older kids but I don't know that they will be interested. It's a great date night movie because any guy that's into sports should know who Michael Oher is and all girls will love the "warm and fuzzy feeling" that you get.

(SIDE BAR - My cousin and I went to see this movie during "darktime" and paid full price! I NEVER pay full price. I always go to the matinee and pay $5.50 - not a penny more. AND if cut into time with Mr. Vampiro. This movie was totally worth it and Mr. Vampiro wasn't mad or anything).

8.5 out of 10 supermommie stars

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