It's STILL the most wonderful time of the year!

In case you haven't caught the subtle hints in my posts, I LURVE the holidays! I have made out my turkey day shopping list (which does not include a turkey but does include a tofurky roast and a mushroom gravy). I pulled out my big girl pants (the ones with the elastic waist) and dropped my pie plates off at my mother's house (they will be filled with sweet potato goodness when I pick them back up).

About this time every year, The Princess sets in to holiday mode too. Her only thoughts are, "When can we put up the Christmas Tree", "When are we gonna make cake/pie/cookies", and "Can we turn to the log channel?"

On Thanksgiving day, we deck the halls with garland and homemade Christmas snow flakes. I pull out the candle holders and holiday trinkets and we always put up our little tree. It's a little 3 foot tree with smaller ornaments and twinkling chaser lights. Since The Princess was a baby, twinkling lights have been soothing to her. I could have them up all year and have a peaceful, calm child. Hmmm....

Then I pull out the holiday cookie cutters. At last count (and it's probably really off) I have about 250 cookie cutters. I've divided them into plastic bags by holiday. The Princess pulls out all of the Thanksgiving and Christmas ones and we go to down rolling out dough and making cookies galore. Between work, holiday visitors and late night nibbling, the 144 cookies that the recipe yields will be gone in no time.

Do I need to tell you about the "log channel"? The Princess discovered the channel that broadcasts the Christmas yuletide log about 4 years ago and has gotten a kick out of it ever since. She insists on having the channel on anytime company comes over. She takes the time to explain to each person (it doesn't matter if she told you last year) that it isn't a real fire--it's only a TV channel. Hey, it's the little things right?

If I don't chat with you before, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much and don't spend too much Friday.

Yeah right!

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