These are a few of my favorite things!!

I've begun working on the 101 things that make me happy. Honestly, writing the list was making me happy. Just taking the time to sit back and think of all of the simple things in life that bring me joy made my day better. The Princess, My Friends and Family, pecan praline candy -- all of those things make me deliriously happy. Because you and I are still in the "getting to know you phase", I thought I'd go over some of the quirkier things that make me happy.

White Cloud Bathroom Tissue- Obviously I have a delicate butt and it calls for delicate tissue. White Cloud does the trick. Oh, I'll use other stuff in a pinch, but I prefer the softness of White Cloud.

Freshly Ground Coffee - This isn't really quirky because everyone knows that there is nothing better than the smell of coffee that has just been ground. The aroma will tell you just how good the first cup will be.

European Chocolate - I know that we have Cabdury's chocolate here in the US but for some reason, British Cadbury's chocolate is soooo much better. I think there must be something they add that we can't add or perhaps we use corn syrup and they use sugar. Whatever the reason, European chocolate tastes better.

The Krispy Kreme "HOT" sign - Good Lord, there is nothing better! I will make a U-turn in the middle of a crowded street (along with other people) to get a hot KK donut! When they are hot it's two for one -- you can eat two of them but only add the calories of one. It's the truth!! I promise!!

Mr. Sketch scented markers - Cherry is my favorite, then grape. How can you not love them? You highlight a word and then the smell of fruity goodness.

I'm not finished with my list. I'm only on #55. I'll let you know when I'm done!

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