Happy Black Friday

I decided to stay home this year...well this morning. I did go out but I waited until after 12pm. I didn't wake up at the butt crack of dawn and stand in the cold trying to get a good deal on stuff. I have done that in the past but this year I was simply too tired. Preparing for Thanksgiving wore me out!

Instead, I dozed in my warm bed until about 9:30am, made some coffee, had some oatmeal and snuck kisses from Mr. Vampiro. But once the sun warmed the earth just a bit more, the royal family went out into the world and helped dig us out of the recession.

Well, half of the royal family. The Princess was more than happy to stay at home with The Arteest. She knew that this trip began the Christmas shopping that would end up in tons of goodies under the twinkling lights of a blue and silver decorated tree all for her. I never have to worry about her wanting to come shopping. She knows that her reward will come 28 days from now.

And, we helped the recession, but not by much. We picked up $2 and $5 movies and other little odds and ends. The three of us combined might have spent $80. Sorry economy -- we have to watch our pennies.

But Cyber Monday will come along in a few days and I'll spend maybe another $100 or so. And the days leading up to Christmas will have purchases as well. Don't worry. I'll do my part to stimulate the economy. Economy, you are welcome.

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