101 in 1001- Host A Movie Night

It happens every year without fail. After the Thanksgiving dishes have been cleared and the external royal family members have gone home (or we have left their castles headed back to our own), we sit down for one of our many bonding times.

Normally our National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie viewing happens at Ma Mere's house. This year she was too tired so I hosted it. Yes it meant having the bonding time without Ma Mere but she was there in spirit. We passed out dessert (pineapple upside down cake - thanks sis) and eggnog and pushed play.

We've seen this movie at least 20 times and a few times were in the middle of summer. We know most of the lines verbatim and we each have a favorite part ("Oh wait! This is Ma Mere's favorite part. Watch). None of this stops us from laughing our fool heads off. If you haven't see Christmas Vacation, you really need to watch it with your family (it's PG13. The Princess did not watch it). If you don't laugh like crazy, well...I can't really help you.

I've never said that I come from normal people. Oh no, no, no. I come from loony stock. I'm glad that the royal family has a weird, crazy side. The annual watching of Christmas Vacation is just one of the things that we do that bonds us. This year was no exception.

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