Tiara Troubles: BFs and BFFs

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I'm gonna start a little segment called "Tiara Troubles". It's going to be all about the trials and tribulations of teenage princesses -- the ups and downs and inbetweens of middle school and high school royalty. Parents of teen girls, lend me your ears.

Why in the "h" didn't you tell me about this craziness! I spent a great deal of time this weekend listening to the sobs and wiping away the tears of a girl (STILL) infatuated with a summer camp crush and dissed by a crappy BFF.

Her crush this past summer, well, he was an older boy (like mother/like daughter). He was a rising 9th grader and she was a rising 8th grader. Over the summer she mooned over the boy and I had to hear about it every single day. I met the boy the third week of camp. I had the opportunity to speak with him and his dad, just casual like. After the conversation, I didn't have the heart to tell her that he has no interest in her whatsoever. He treated her just like any 9th grader would treat an 8th grader that has a crush on him. He was polite. He looked after her --- like a little sister.

That mess is gonna hurt like crazy when she finds out. More tears. Crap. Add facial tissue to the grocery list.

And the crappy BFF? Well, she was a kid that lied a lot and treated all of her "friends" pretty rotten. First time I met her, I knew she was going to be trouble. But, kids have to figure these things out for themselves sometimes. I told The Princess this in August but when did it hit her? March. The kid got upset because The Princess gets to go on the 8th grade field trip and she doesn't. So, she called The Princess some pretty bad names. The Princess ignored her and then ignored all her weekend texts -- except the one on Sunday night that said, "You are a bad friend. I don't want to be friends any more."

So Sunday night there were tears at 11:30pm, tears and snot at 1:30am, and tears, snot and swollen eyes and nose at 3:30am. And, she woke me up each time. What a way to start daylight savings time -- with the loss of more than an hour of sleep!

But she got through it just fine. She deleted the girl's info from her cell phone and when the girl tried to be friends with her on the bus Monday morning, she said no thanks and began reading her book. So, I asked her about all the tears and she says she's over it now. She realizes that the crappy BFF was just that, a crappy BFF.

Thank God, cause a Super Mommie's gotta get her beauty sleep! I mean, she's so beautiful she doesn't need much, but she does need some.

At least until the next teen meltdown.

That will probably occur this Sunday at 11:47pm.

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