Making A List And Checking It Twice

I love the holiday season. I can play Johnny Mathis christmas music and no one gets offended. People begin to make cookies and soups and cookies and hot chocolate and cookies and cakes and pies and cookies. What's not to love during this season?

Oh, that's right! I don't like shopping during the holdiay season. The stores are packed, the lines are five times as long, everyone is rude and it's cold outside! This year I'm going to shop from the comfort of my chair. This year I am going to powershop on the internet.

A friend of mine has been singing the praises of craigslist and another friend did ALL of her shopping by internet. I also had a friend that made all of her gifts. So this year, I'm going to do the same -- a little bit of all of them.

I'm going to make cookies for my co-workers (I love last years recipe), craigslist some big items (i need a dresser big time) and web browse all of The Princesses gifts. All her books, clothes and trinkets will come from on-line sources. I won't even step foot into stores for Christmas gifts (and only at 3am to do my grocery shopping!!).

So far, so good. I've ordered a magazine subscription, some books off amazon and a denium hat. Yes, the hat was free -- so what?! If I could get everything for free, I would!

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