75. Move somewhere super duper fabulous.

I moooooved! Hallelujah!

Let me tell you, the old place had just gotten crazy.  It was time to move on to greener pastures. So, I hitched up my wagon and moved exactly 1.5 miles east. Yep, that was far.

The move went without any major glitches. My moving company moved the big stuff (BIG-HUGE shout out to 2 Men and a Truck, the Decatur location. Those guys rock!!!) And, la familia moved the little stuff...a lot of little stuff! I have to give a big shout out to The Sister, The Sister's Friend and The Arteest for helping out big time. The Princess worked her little tail off too. High Five Girlie!

Oh! And Spy Grandma saw me moving. She wanted a hug! (Screams loudly in her head). I went right in the house and took a shower! I bet she put a tracking chip on my back. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw her at the new place (I'd probably pee my pants but I wouldn't be surprised).

Long story short, everything is great. There are a few annoyances that will work themselves out soon. Like --I have to wear an eye mask at night cause the street light shines in my south bedroom windows and I haven't hung the "black out" curtains yet; I have to be careful hanging curtains because I get charged for every nail hole in the wall at the end of my lease; I can't make eggs because I can't find my frying pan; I ran out of shelf paper and have to get some more before I could put up my spices and seasonings; I haven't been able to cook a real meal in a week and I am having cooking withdrawls; And, my land line (yes, I have one) doesn't
have all the feature working yet, BUT...

I sat on my patio Sunday night sipping wine and watching airplanes go by; I have a garden forest tub in my spacious bathroom with walk-in-closet; the morning light from the east window is soooo beautiful; My kitchen has plenty of cabinets and a pantry (!); My rental office is open when they say they will be open (9am - 6pm) and they will stay a few minutes later if need be; Paying your rent on line is FREE; The Princess L-O-V-E-S her room and ajoining bathroom; I have trash valet service (yep, I know!); and the cable people gave me free HBO for a year!

It's great. This weekend, I'll hang my pear pictures and my curtains. Anyone got any 3M curtain hanging ideas? So far I got PVC pipe and some 3M command strips.

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