Question For The Readers - Sweat To The Oldies or Continue To Eat Cheeze-Its While Channel Surfing?

Good News? I met my downstairs neighbors.

Bad News? I met my downstairs neighbors.

I am a single girl and a single girl needs to stay in shape. You never know when Mr. Right is gonna come along. You have to be in prime shape for it. A single girl should jog a few times a week or go for a power walk - perhaps train for a triathlon.

Me? Yeah, I don't do that kinda shit. I walk a little bit, move my legs to Leslie Sansone a bit but that's it. I wouldn't run, even if my ass was on fire (thank you BH for that!!).

Apparently, what I do do, the people in the apartment below me can hear. I saw them walking out of their front door Sunday and so I introduced myself, told them where I lived and asked them if they could hear me when I exercised in the evenings. "She" rolled her eyes and said, "Yes, we hear you". I was a bit flustered and so I blurted out, "Oh, sorry about that. I'll just keep it to the evenings and I won't exercise in the morning." Then I scurried away.

Now that it's been some time (no, I didn't exercise yesterday) I thought I'd ask the community out there - Is it unreasonable that I should continue to exercise from 6:30 - 7pm? I don't play loud music or have parties. I'm always respectful and The Princess and I walk as soft as we can. And come one, you did get the middle apartment. When I lived in the bottom apartment, I heard people all the time and didn't complain (except when their toilet leaked into my bathroom - but that was understandable).

Am I out of line? Should I just continue to keep my rotund figure and be single and lonely forever? I move in November - should I be chubby until them? Or, am I correct in stating that it will only be half an hour in the pm and never in the am?

Now, you will recall that the people that USE to live below me had a "medicinal use habit" and it would waft up into my apartment. My front office wouldn't do anything about it. There wasn't a certain time of day that they would do it -- they did it all day. I'm just asking for 30 minutes a day.

Good people of the blogosphere - What say you?

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  1. You pay rent every month so I say exercise when the hell you want, morning, evening or both.