Boots With The Fur

Both The Princess and I wear eyeglasses. Because I have worn them for almost 30 years, I don't like help in choosing them. I know what looks good on my face. I can get a feel for fashion. I don't need you're "non-glass wearing, self" helping me and quite frankly, I don't give a rats ass what YOU think as long as I like them. Apparently The Princess has inherited this independence (damn free thinkin' kid) and wanted almost no help from me.

But I did help...a little. I explained that pink or purple glasses might not be the route she wanted to go. She has a creamy milk chocolate complexion and those pink/purple glasses were clashing with it. So, you either get rid of the face or get rid of the glasses.

I like her face.

So does she.

So does "Walter-Corn-On-The-Cobb" (that's another post, for another time).

So we kept the gorgeous face, and found these incredible frames. Apple Bottom frames. Yes! I don't really condone name brands like that (unless they are Supermommie brand) but they were very, very cute on her face AND they were the right price (Wally World Vision Center shout out!!).

Yep. Hers have a touch of blue on the inside. very stylish. Very hip. Very 8th grade.

I said it...8th grade. She is queen of the playground this year. Next year she will be (vegetarian)lunch meat. Freshman. Bottom of the barrel. Wanna buy a pool pass/elevator pass/executive parking pass. But this year, this year she is on top. She's SELLING pool/elevator/executive bus riding (too young to drive) passes. BPOC! Big Princess On Campus.

BPOC...rocking the Apple Bottom frames. Oh yeah Be-yot-ches!


  1. Ha! I love your blog. you are so funny and such a great mom.

    I've had glasses since fourth grade, although in fifth I did convince my parents to let me get contacts. I'm pretty sure I had no concept back then about what color frames would go with my complexion and my mom offered no help in that area. Good call on your part for getting involved.

  2. Thanks! The Princess has asked about contacts but there are days she forgets about packing a lunch. I don't think we're quite ready!