Dear So and So - The "What A Day - June 14" Edition

Dear Grandma That Is A Spy,
It's not that I don't think you should be allowed to socialize with your family but do you have to do it at 7pm, in front of the apartment building, in the back bed of a pickup truck, so freakin loudly? I can hear you lady! You aren't soft spoken. Neither are the 14 people standing there with you...drinking.

Dear Man At The Grocery Store,
I don't think you know how to count. The sign says 10 items or less. You clearly have a cart full. The Princess stopped counting at 22. The clerk explained that he could get in trouble for ringing your order so he'd do it this time but he couldn't next time. Even after that, you didn't get it. The four people behind you with 3 items each, really wanted you to go to another line. You are an arse-hole.

Dear Woman That Sprayed Air Freshener In The Ladies Bathroom,
I'd have rather you let the natural smell shine through. That floral scent is killer, especially when you spray out half the damned bottle. I couldn't breathe. I had a coughing fit while trying to pee. That's not good.

Dear Person That Wets The Whole Counter Top In The Kitchen At Work,
Don't I complain about you every time I do this? Stop getting water everywhere dumb-arse. There are paper towels in there -- use them.

Dear IT Person,
Don't question my need for a new keyboard. The "Delete", "Ctrl" and right "Shift" keys don't work. No, I don't think I can work around them any longer. I think you need to get me a new keyboard (so that I can finish typing my blog).

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