101 Things About Me That You May or May Not Have Known

Yep. It's kinda obvious when I run out of blog ideas. BUT, I give you something entertaining, non-the-less.

Here's 101 things about me that you may or may not have known.

1. I am a super mommie.
2. I have 1 daughter.
3. The factory is now closed.
4. I am the oldest of 4 children.
5. My brother is the only boy out of 4 kids.
6. Until I was 36, I didn’t realize that my brother could beat the crap out of me and my sisters. He always let us beat him up, so I thought we really could.
7. My siblings are still traumatized because I made them play mannequin when we where children.
8. My sisters are the best sisters a girl could have. They aren’t shocked by ANYTHING that I say.
9. My brother is the best brother in the world and he is shocked by EVERYTHING that I say.
10. My mother and my aunt are my touchstones. Even though they are crazy, I love them dearly.
11. I am spiritual but not religious. I use to be super religious but no one could answer my questions so I went directly to the source.
12. I ran away from home at 4. After I finished dinner at the neighbor’s house, I came home.
13. My mother and I had never spent more than 3 days apart until I was 16.
14. When I was 20 I moved to VA with my first husband. I cried the entire way there.
15. I moved back to GA when I was 24 and all but danced a jig.
16. I’m an Air Force Brat.
17. I’ve lived in the following places; Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Utah, New Mexico, England, and Virginia.
18. My favorite place to live has been Georgia.
19. My place to visit has been England.
20. New Mexico runs a close second in both areas.
21. I love watching baseball and football.
22. I was a water girl for the football team in high school.
23. I would rather pierce body parts with a rusty needle than watch basketball.
24. I’m 5’4 ½ “.
25. That “½” is very important to me. I had to fight with a nurse to get it in my medical chart.
26. I’ve never broken any bones.
27. My only major surgery was childbirth (oh and dental surgery).
28. I love shoes but I’m very picky.
29. I have the world’s biggest collection of hanging earrings. (OK, the record people haven’t checked, but I’m sure it’s close).
30. I miss the art of snail mail.
31. I try to mail out at least one letter and one postcard every two weeks.
32. I am a germaphobe.
33. I live in organized chaos.
34. I like to plan things out.
35. I DO NOT like surprises – AT ALL!
36. I like things in even numbers.
37. I would read books and magazines all day if I had the chance.
38. I’d cook and then eat all day if I wouldn’t get fat.
39. I’d “ski” most of the day if I found the right “skiing partner”.
40. I am a very happy person…unless I’m not happy --- then no one is happy.
41. If I kinda don’t want to do something, I might do it.
42. If I absolutely DO NOT want to do something, I won’t and there’s very little you can say to make me.
43. I would marry a good cup of coffee today if it asked me to.
44. I don’t believe in do-overs or regrets. Everything happens for a reason.
45. I only use scented markers. It makes the workday go faster.
46. I miss the bingo halls in VA.
47. I love 80’s music.
48. Early 90’s music is the soundtrack of my love life.
49. I could spend my entire Saturday watching romance movies from the 1960’s.
50. I hate expressways. I’d take back roads everywhere if I could.
51. I have an irrational fear of zebras.
52. I don’t like cats – at all!
53. I was a waitress at the Cr@cker B@rrel for 3 days. I hated it and cried every night when I got off work.
54. I took obituary calls at the local newspaper for 3 days and decided that it wasn’t the right job for me – I didn’t cry everyday after work though.
55. I had my first kiddie kiss with Will Rogers in 2nd grade - Lakenheath AFB. If you are out there Will, it was great!
56. I had my first real kiss when I was 15.
57. It was a slobbery, yukky mess.
58. Saddly, that was not my worst kiss!
59. My best kiss ever was December 2006.
60. I’ve been married twice.
61. Once I am finished with a relationship, that’s it, I’m done.
62. I’ve only been “in love” once. I’ve loved many times.
63. I’d run my second ex over in my car if I saw him on the street (and then back over him for good measure).
64. I’m best of friends with my first ex.
65. I’m obsessed with all things British.
66. I’m obsessed with all things “kitchen”.
67. I LURVE to cook.
68. I love going to the grocery store.
69. Shopping (of any sort) relaxes me.
70. I HATE dating. If I could find Mr. Number Three without dating, I would.
71. I am a vegetarian. I did it for me.
72. I won’t tell you what you can/can’t/should/shouldn’t eat.
73. I try to recycle and create a small carbon footprint.
74. I won’t die if I have to throw away a bottle or take a flight some where.
75. I love airplanes. I think you can whisper to God when you’re on a plane cause you’re right there near his ear.
76. I have about 101 romance novels in me just waiting to be written and published.
77. I don’t fear death.
78. I don’t overly mourn peoples passing. I think that’s selfish. They’ve completed their journey in life – let them go on in peace.
79. I don’t care for beaches.
80. I’m comfortable with my weight.
81. Because my doctor isn’t comfortable with my weight, I try to keep it down. She’s the boss of me right now.
82. I HATE exercise.
83. I walk every day (when I feel like it) and practice yoga often because I don’t want arthritis when I’m old and I’m convinced this will help.
84. The only way I’d run is if my arse was on fire.
85. My favorite number is 16.
86. My next favorite number is 3.
87. I don’t have a favorite color.
88. My brother thinks that it is crazy that I don’t have a favorite color (I guess that’s a fact about him not me. Oh well).
89. My second favorite body part is/are my toes. When they are all painted up for the summer – watch out!!
90. I’m not telling what my first favorite body part is, but I really like them.
91. I love the warm/hot summer months.
92. I am not a fan of cold winter months.
93. Give me a warm day, an adult slushie and a good book and I am good for the afternoon.
94. I love a hot bubble bath with lush bath gels.
95. I love to coupon my way through a shopping trip.
96. If there is something that I really want, I’ll spend good money to get it.
97. I have voted in 95% of the elections since I was legally able to vote. That includes the one-off elections for local offices. I figure if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.
98. If you aren’t doing a good job in office, I’m gonna complain.
99. I like hot sauce on my eggs.
100. I like ice cold milk.
101. The best day of my life was October 2, 1996.

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  1. Hey! I'm 5 foot 8 and a half and the half inch is super, supah important to me. When asked my height at my last physical my doctor replied, "Let's say 5'8-ish." And I thought, '-Ish doesn't equal half, dude.'