Use Liberal Amounts of Hand Sanitizer

I did it. I'm almost ashamed but almost happy at the same time. Today, SuperMommie became a dumpster diver.

Ok, I'm not technically a dumpster diver. I didn't get into the dumpster. Hell, I didn't even get close to the dumpster. I only went to the side of it. Today, while I was taking out the trash, I noticed some unused, still bound, newspapers off to the side of the dumpster. I stopped pitching trash mid throw (cause you have to throw the trash into the dumpster. It counts as extra exercise). I looked around to see who was watching. No one!

This week was pretty good in the coupon section so my mind was racing, thinking about all those coupons, dollars if you will, just sitting there on the ground. I mean $1.50 off lotion, .50cents off deodorant, .50cents off dish liquid--you can't let that go to waste!

Yes, SuperMommie, put 6 newspapers in her car. And yes, she came home and clipped an extra set of coupons to the ones she had already clipped.

I am a dumpster diver (kinda) and I am proud (well, not proud, kinda grossed out but in a, yea, I saved money kind of way).

Pass the pu.re.l please.

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