Random Venting - School Projects

I hate science and social studies projects. Besides the fact that I am a 37 year old (sexxy) woman and have been out of high school for 19 years, I shouldn't have to assist with one. But, these projects are complex now-a-days. The kids must collect data samples and make hypothesis and create graphs and charts and a project plan and backboard sketch and...and I'm tired, damn it!

The Princess has been working on this project on bones for 2 months now. It's due this Friday and she is in the final stretch of it. She's doing great. She has needed very little assistance and she's done a fine job of getting the things together. I'm just sick of seeing silly putty and crayons all over my kitchen table. I'm tired of hearing rubber gloves snapping and please explain why the backboard has to have 3 versions and all 3 versions have to sprawl the length of my living room floor for 2 weeks.

I know, I know, it builds character. She'll need it in the future. I know that I have needed all of the projects that I did in high school (NOT).

Deep sigh. If I see one more container of silly putty....just keep an eye on the news for angry woman throwing silly putty and crayons at random people.

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