When My Phone Goes Ring-a-ling-a-ling...

I have to buy a new cell phone. My old one finally broke up with me.

This cell phone and I have been in a relationship for 2 years this December. I wasn't "in love" with the cell phone, I was comfortable. We did things together (like texting and making phone calls) and went places together (like my house and work) but there were things about our relationship that I didn't like. The reception sucks! I have to sit it "just so" on my desk or I will miss phone calls. And, the color was white. I have nothing against white phones, I just can't keep white anything clean. You will NEVER see me with a white purse, white shoes or white pants.

So my relationship with my cell phone was going great until a few months ago with it stopped working. I mean it stopping receiving or making phone calls and texts. I called the store and they said with my particular phone, as it gets older, has to be turned off and left off for 5 minutes. Turns out, I had to do this once a month. I don't mind doing favors for the one I like so I endured.

Then, a few months ago, the middle button (enter key) broke in half. How positively rude! But I can work around things like this. Relationships are about give and take. I used jewelry glue to glue the middle button (enter key) back together. It worked -- for two weeks. So, I glued it again. See, I have the need to make my (cell phone) relationships work as long as I possibly can (2 years, then I can get a free phone).

Well, yesterday the middle button (enter key) broke off completely. So in my innate wisdom I decided if jewelry glue works well, super glue will work better! Right?! Sure...IF YOU WANT THE BUTTON (ENTER KEY) TO STOP WORKING!

Yep! It stopping working. You wanna know what you can do when the middle button (enter key) stops working? Not a damned thing! Texting is difficult because your "slide" capability is gone and making calls is crap because you have to type in the phone number. I don't know your number!! It's in my phone!

So my (4) fans, SM has to go a buy a new phone. "Sure, that's easy," you say. Then that proves you never even knew me! I don't just go out a buy a phone; I have to do research. I have to watch some video's on the latest phone and use the compare feature on the website. Then I have to go inside the store and hold the phones in my hand. Then I have to go back home and see consumer reviews. Then I have to see which ones are free under my contract and then buy the ding dang thing (and remember, when I say "buy", I mean get free).

So tomorrow I have to go to the cell phone store and try out 2 new phones. No, no my dears, I will not tell you which ones until after I buy it. That's just how I am with my new boyfriend (cell phone). I want to pick him out, put him to my ear, try him for the afternoon and then tell you about him (that sounds bad-but in a good sort of way). Then I will unveil the new fellow that I have picked to be in my life, for the rest of my life (cell phone contract).

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